Sunday, November 08, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 032: BT's 1995 Essential Mix

This week's selection is particularly memorable, and not just because of Pete Tong's intro which seemingly reveals his personal stance on Essential Mix recordings. It's also notable because it's Brian Transeau's debut on the BBC mix show.

One of my first electronica album purchases was BT's "Ima" and I've considered myself a fan of his work ever since. His performance in New Orleans during the "Movement In Still Life" tour was also my first show at the French Quarter House of Blues way back in September of 2000.

While he's had a few artistic missteps over the years, *cough* ahem *cough*, he's also managed to put together some of the most moving electronic music arrangements in history, such as This Binary Universe (seriously, if you buy no other BT album, buy this one). Further, he's been involved in the development of a rather entertaining iPhone music app, called Sonifi.

His Essential Mix from 1995 gives an excellent representation of his earlier sound, and as an added bonus contains the "Sasha's Voyage of Ima" mini-mix from Sasha which was the highlight of Disc 2 of the Ima album. BT has been plagued throughout his career with accusations of being somewhat unskilled at mixing records, and this Essential Mix was even rumored to have been mixed by fellow DJ pal Guy Ornadel. It's then perhaps unsurprising that BT would feature a 45 minute long "track" (which is what "Sasha's Voyage of Ima" is classified as) in his two hour long mix, but said track really is fantastic music, so I'm not one to nit pick. The nearly two minute long crescendo of that track which ends at the hour and 35 minute mark of this Essential Mix is downright delicious.

Regardless of BT's mixing efficacy, the man is undeniably a skilled musician & producer which his nearly 20 year body of work clearly demonstrates.

BT - Essential Mix 1995-09-24

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01 - Kitaro - "Heaven and Earth (Land Theme)"
02 - G.T.B. - "Entropy"
03 - G.T.B. - "Sketchpad"
04 - B Tribe - "Nanita"
05 - B Tribe - "Nanita (Dub)"
06 - Sheila Chandra - "Zen Kiss"
07 - Riverdance - "Riverdance"
08 - Seal - "I'm Alive"
09 - Smashing Pumpkins - "Rhinocerous"
10 - Bernie Kraus - "Equator"
11 - Elastic Reality - "Casa De X"
12 - BT - "Relativity"
13 - Mary Kiani - "I Imagine (EMF Mix)"
14 - BT - "Sasha's Voyage of Ima"
15 - Cyborgasm - "Cyborgasm"
16 - Libra feat. Taylor - "Anomaly"
17 - Dean Evanson - "Forest Rain"
18 - Libra feat. Taylor - "Le Chakra Sexuel"

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