Friday, January 01, 2010

JW / Electronica Classics 033: All 12 Sets of Oakenfold's 1999 Essential Mix World Tour

Regrettably my weekly updates to the Electronica Classics series took a hiatus in November & December, but I'm hopeful this music-packed post can make amends.

While I showcased one of these mixes in September, Oakenfold's entire body of work from that tour a decade ago is really quite remarkable. Clocking in at nearly 22 hours of audio, you truly get a sense of where electronic music was at the time, and why Mr. Oakenfold rose to the status of most popular DJ in the world.

I encourage you to download each of these and then listen to them back-t0-back over the course of a few days. While you'll hear a few songs repeated over the course of the 12 mixes, the majority of the tracks stay surprisingly diverse. It's also interesting to see how Oakenfold tailored his track selection to each locale, especially the performances in Miami & Buenos Aires.

As we begin a new decade, enjoy these selections reminiscent of how we rang in the last.

Paul Oakenfold - Live at Home, Sydney, Australia 1999-01-17
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Jonis, Havana, Cuba 1999-02-21
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Shadow Lounge, Miami, FL 1999-03-28
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999-04-25
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Homelands, Winchester, UK 1999-05-30
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Gatecrasher, Leeds, UK 1999-06-20
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Home, Space, Ibiza 1999-07-25
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Creamfields, Liverpool 1999-08-29
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Rojam, Shanghai, China 1999-09-26
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Home, Leicester Square, London 1999-10-31
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK 1999-11-28
Paul Oakenfold - Live at Home, London 1999-12-31

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