Monday, August 03, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 023: Trendroid Live on Whoop! Radio October 2001

I've been on a darker progressive house kick this weekend, so this set from Trendroid seemed like an appropriate selection.

I believe I originally stumbled across this mix while browsing Audiogalaxy in early 2002, around the time Trendroid was garnering press coverage for their soon to be released Transport 6 album. It's truly one of the better snapshots of the darker, but perpetually upbeat sound popularized by acts such as Saeed & Palash during late 2001 & and most of 2002.

The photo above is one I took when the two members of Trendroid, Matt & Pankaj, came to Club Hyperia with Satoshii Tomiie in June 2002. This Whoop! Radio mix is quite similar in feel to that performance while at Hyperia in Houston. Enjoy!

Trendroid - Live on Whoop! Radio October 2001
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