Sunday, September 20, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 029: Lucien Foort's 2001 Essential Mix

This week's mix is a bit of a sleeper favorite in my collection. Originally aired during the spring of 2001, it's a great selection of house & progressive house tunes from that era. Mr. Foort's offering struck a chord with me, so this particular recording found itself in regular rotation on my WimAmp player in late 2001 and early 2002. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Lucien Foort - Essential Mix 2001-03-04

Kerri Chandler - "Digital Love Affair"
Alric - "Une Fois"
Nectar - "As She Peeled An Orange"
David Jamas aka Mr DJ - "(Always) A Permanant State (Original Mix)"
Tatoine presents Jamez - "Music (16B Remix)"
A Small Phat One - "Respect the Cock (Dub Mix)"
Mark Lowndes - "Indya"
Cirque vol. 1 - "Cirque Music (Part 1)"
Headspace - "Schizophrenic"
Blackwatch - "Skin Deep (Original Mix)"
Satoshi Tomiie feat. Kelly Ali - ''Love In Traffic (Satoshi Tomiie Dark Path Remix)"
R.B.A. - "No Other Alternative (Lemon & Lime Sanctuary Mix)"
Bladey - "The Nelson Effect (Fearless Young Orphans Remix)"
Mundo - "My Life (Original Mix)"
Piece Process - "Deepside (Chab Remix)"
Rouge - "Jingalay (Praha Remix)"
JBN - "All I Want (Marc O'Tool Remix Edit)"
Incisions - "Amorak (Original Mix)"
Medway - "Release (Andy Moor Remix)"
Medicine - "Junior Asprin"
Kybosh - "Playing With My Mind (Sleepfreaks Mix)"
Luigi - "Jet Black (Original Mix)"
Riva - "Stinger"
Innate - "Changes (Killahurtz Kilo Remix)"
Alice Deejay - "Celebrate Our Love (Pronti & Kalmani Remix)"

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