Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-09-12 To 2009-09-19

Spent AM on school work; PM was all about college football; bought the Auburn game on PPV...truly awesome; our new OC is the bee's knees.
10:51 PM Sep 12th from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Grayarea Live at Transit Chicago 2002; proper progressive breaks.
12:58 PM Sep 13th from TweetDeck

@csukach Buy a new HD; if data on corrupt HD isn't backed up elsewhere, try copying it over to another HD; partitioning HD won't solve prob.
5:00 PM Sep 13th from Tweetie in reply to csukach

Sun spent on school work, house work, work work, & e-mail catch up w/a little Texans/Saints football & a haircut thrown in for good measure.
7:45 PM Sep 13th from Tweetie

@zomgitsjeff Gotta stick with the Saints! Of course that is much to the chagrin of my Houston friends. ;-)
9:24 PM Sep 13th from Tweetie in reply to zomgitsjeff

Wacky Mon @ work consumed w/meetings; did our final walk through on our new house in PM; we close tomorrow @ lunch hour...exciting times!
9:19 PM Sep 14th from Tweetie

Closed on our first house today (yay tax credit!); spent PM shopping for light fixtures, then had a pizza picnic on the floor to celebrate.
9:59 PM Sep 15th from Tweetie

Quick library run midday, then more light fixture/paint buying; spent a few hrs @ new house w/Ash doing prep work for the weekend projects.
10:24 PM Sep 16th from Tweetie

RT @djpoptart: RT @TheBingoShow: New Orleans to attempt Guinness World Record for 'Largest Gathering of Zombies' at #voodoo 09
10:17 PM Sep 17th from Tweetie

Busy Thur @ the office; home in PM for a conf call w/classmates then school video + reading; in-laws into town tomorrow for weekend projects
10:22 PM Sep 17th from Tweetie

Went over to the new house in PM to help Ash & her parents do upgrades like fixture switches, painting, & learning the systems...I'm stoked.
12:21 AM Sep 19th from Tweetie

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