Saturday, October 16, 2010

Software Saturday - Due

While I use Remember The Milk for most of my task management needs, sometimes a full-blown reminder with a priority rating and due date/time is overkill.  Usually if I needed to remind myself to do something within a short period of time, I'd just use the iPhone's built-in Clock app.  Using the timer function in the Clock app was somewhat inconvenient, though, since you could only set one timer to run at a time, and if you frequently set timers of different lengths, you'd need to adjust the time wheel before each use.  Due addresses each of these shortcomings.

Within Due, I've created different timers for each of my frequently used short-term tasks.  Such tasks include when to switch my laundry or how long to keep the humidifier submerged in distilled water when I'm recharging my humidor.  Once you've configured your timers, you can enable each one by flipping the button shaped like a light switch.

Currently I'm only utilizing the Timers feature within Due, but the app also has a more traditional Reminders section, allowing you to remind yourself after a certain period of time.  My mind immediately leaps to using Remember The Milk if I'm going to enter a reminder, though, so I likely won't use Due's Reminders section much.  Unlike Remember The Milk, Due doesn't use a Push Notification server to deliver reminder alerts, so in the event you won't be in an area of data coverage, Due's reminders could represent a better solution.

You can read more about Due and find the download link at the developer's website.

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