Saturday, October 02, 2010

Software Saturday - reQall

I have a problem.  Inexplicably, the act of driving causes me to remember tasks I need to accomplish or things I want to research.  By the time I reach my destination, though, I frequently forget what that task or topic was, as my mind has moved on to thinking about other things.  This used to really bug me, until I found reQall.

The reQall iPhone app itself is practically a full-fledged task management solution.  However, I don't really use it that way.  When you sign up for a reQall account, you input your cell phone number.  You're then provided with a 1-888 number you can call from your linked phone number on the account, and input tasks via voice.  reQall will interpret your message, transcribe it to text form, and then e-mail you the content.

As you may have already realized, this is a great solution for capturing thoughts while you're driving.  I've programmed one of the speed dial buttons on my car's dash to reQall's 888 number.  It initiates the call to reQall's service, and within seconds I'm greeted with:

"Hello, reQall here. Do you want to Add, Share, or reQall?"

A typical response might be:

"Add."  Then I'll wait 2 to 3 seconds for the beep and say something like, "Take laundry to cleaners.  Friday. 8AM."

I'll finally hit the end call button my steering wheel, and I can forget about it.

By the time I reach my destination, I'll have an e-mail in my Gmail inbox from reQall with a subject line of "Take laundry to clearners. Friday 8:00am."

I've also setup a filter within Gmail that takes any task e-mail from reQall, and automatically forwards it to my Remember The Milk personalized e-mail address.  By doing so, the task is added to my Remember The Milk to do list, complete with the correct due date & time.

So by using a combination of reQall, Gmail, and Remember The Milk, I can effectively add tasks to my to do list, all by voice, and without ever taking my eyes off the road.  Technology is pretty cool.

To learn more about reQall and find the download link to the app, visit their website below.

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