Saturday, October 30, 2010

Software Saturday - Gas Cubby

This week's app selection is one I've been using for almost a year. Gas Cubby is a simple logging app that allows you to store information related to your automobile's maintenance & gas mileage.

I use it to keep tabs on the gas mileage in my car, and when my wife's car is due for an oil change. Each time you fill up with gas, you enter your odometer's mileage, the number of gallons you put in your car, and the price per gallon. Gas Cubby will calculate your gas mileage between fill ups based upon these inputs. Aside from the basic inputs, you can also record items such as gas brand, payment method, & type of gas.

Using the app is a helpful way of keeping track of gas prices in your area and can give you insight as to whether your car may need maintenance should you see your gas mileage average is dropping over time. It's also useful for budgeting purposes if you want to see exactly how much you're spending on fuel over a given period of time.

You can choose between a free ad-supported version or a paid ad-free version of Gas Cubby. Links to both versions are available at the developer's website below.

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