Sunday, May 31, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 016: Sander Kleinenberg Live From Everybody 2002

Despite last weekend's Memorial Day hiatus from music posting, I'm back this week with a favorite from early 2002. This set from Sander Kleinenberg was recorded shortly before he began his album promotion tour for "Essential Mix" and had a regular spot in my car CD changer for most of the year.

It's a bit of a departure from the darker progressive sound that was championed around this time, especially by the Global Underground artists. There's a distinctly jazzy feel to the set, which is a description you don't often hear applied to progressive house. Unfortunately I wasn't able to uncover a tracklisting for this performance, but if you were a vinyl connoisseur around this period, feel free to leave some IDs in the comments.

Sander Kleinenberg - Live from Everybody 2002-01-06
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

Twitter Week(s) In Review 2009-05-16 To 2009-05-29

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: The Crystal Method Live in Seattle 1997; Vegas-era goodness!
12:50 PM May 16th from web

Mktg work & Crystal Method music kinda day; Ash grabbed us Subway for dinner; now going to catch some SNL on TiVo then bed; early morn in AM
10:52 PM May 16th from web

Just used a combo of Gmail, Flickr, AIM/MSN Logs, & an AU football schedule to determine exactly where I was on 10/3/04; I love technology!
11:18 PM May 17th from web

Spent day writing for Mktg portfolio...made progress, but will need to continue work following weekend; crazy busy, but fun week awaits!
11:41 PM May 17th from web

Getting ready to head downtown to see @crystalmethod at the House of Blues Houston.
4:39 PM May 18th from web

Made it into the HOB for the @crystalmethod show; nice view!
8:09 PM May 18th from web

Posted a mini-review & pictures of the @crystalmethod show in Houston last night:
12:05 PM May 19th from web

Great day of PTO after late Mon night; slept in, watched a Netflix DVD, ate pizza, got haircut, worked out, & geeked out in PM w/new router.
11:35 PM May 19th from web

@dudesy916 Battletoads but no Zelda II on that hardest NES games list? Did the journalist even play these games? ;-)
5:49 PM May 20th from web in reply to dudesy916

Steady pace @ work this week; went downtown in PM w/Ash for dinner w/Freddie @ The Grove; best steak I've had in Houston, & maybe top 5 ever
11:06 PM May 20th from web

Well dang, Google Voice site throwing up an Internal Server Error 500:
4:33 PM May 21st from web

Random day; odd calls @ work, Mom got in from Saudi, started Summer '09 semester @ school, then had chocolate scare in PM w/Puggs; he's fine
11:03 PM May 21st from web

Computing acquisitions hoped for next 12 months: Android Netbook, Palm Pre-esque PDA a la iPod Touch; iPod Touch 64GB; self-built Win 7 box.
11:48 PM May 21st from web

Slow day @ wk led to catchup on some projs; Which Wich for lunch then dinner @ Guadalajara w/Ash, her fam & my mom; now Astral Project DVD
10:25 PM May 22nd from web

Fun Sat w/gas grill shopping/Farmers Market in AM, then fam Crawfish Boil in afternoon; watched Rushmore DVD in PM b4 Abita-induced slumber.
2:04 PM May 24th from web

Fun Sun; rewired my network in AM, put together new gas grill, dinner out @ Hubbell & Hudson, then Slumdog Millionaire on TiVo Amazon in PM.
11:07 PM May 24th from web

Nice Memorial Day; steaks on our new Infrared Grill, a little class work, then some TiVo time w/Ash, Mom, & Puggles; now Chardonnay then bed
9:31 PM May 25th from web

Really enjoyed the Laurent Garnier Essential Mix; only gripe is the awful P-Diddy blathering on DJ Hell's track in hr 1. Listening again now
1:44 PM May 26th from web

Back in action @ work after long weekend; birthday dinner for my mom w/Ash @ Black Walnut Cafe; some school reading then hopefully early bed
9:02 PM May 26th from web

Man, felt like I got hit by a truck yesterday w/terrible fever; 1st time ever I had to call in sick to work; 18 hrs in bed seemed to help.
6:18 AM May 28th from web

@mokeymuffin Very cool picture!
5:47 PM May 28th from web in reply to mokeymuffin

Look out, jazzfest fans - Crawfish Monica is set to hit the shelves year round. (@cmsour) (via @nojf)
5:52 PM May 28th from web

Back to work after a day of rest; made a library run mid-day, then had a Middle Eastern-themed dinner courtesy of mom; reading, then bed.
9:52 PM May 28th from web

@GuyKawasaki Have you experienced any performance issues on your MiFi like this Engadget commenter?
10:40 AM May 29th from web in reply to GuyKawasaki

RT @mwikkid: 6 days left on Kickstarter proj. Like New Orleans Music? Like Electronica? Check it out & spread the word!
5:46 PM May 29th from web

Palm Treo 700wx

Palm Treo 700wx
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

In honor of the Pre's launch next Saturday, here's my old Palm phone that still lives on courtesy of it's Wi-Fi add-on card.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld At Jones Hall

Jerry Seinfeld At Jones Hall
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

The guy still has it. He made me laugh until my face hurt. Great tech parody segment on iPhones, Blackberries, & Twitter. I was in tears over his Cialis bit, and he even took questions from the audience at the end. Awesome show.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Char-Broil InfraRED Gas Grill

Char-Broil InfraRED Gas Grill
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Finally assembled my birthday present from my parents. I couldn't resist the geek-appeal of going with the model that cooks with infrared technology.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market

Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Stopped by the farmer's market to get Puggles a chicken-flavored Crawfish dog treat for our Memorial Day Crawfish Boil.

Which Wich

Which Wich
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Menu station at the new sandwich restaurant near The Woodlands Waterway.

Friday, May 22, 2009

IAH Terminal E Parking Garage

IAH Terminal E Parking Garage
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Had to swing by the airport at lunch to pickup my mom who's in the States from Saudi Arabia for two months.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Finally decided to upgrade my wireless network today after 4 years with my Linksys 802.11g router. My old Vonage router is playing wonky with DHCP when I put the AEBS in bridge mode, though. I think I'll probably have to reverse the order of the two routers this weekend in order to get port forwarding (read: uTorrent) working. On the bright side: my file transfers over the 5 GHz network to the MacBook Pro & MacBook are nearly 5 times faster than they were over 2.4 GHz!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts On The Crystal Method At House of Blues Houston

Really great show in Houston last night. There were songs from all 4 of their studio albums, although I'd say Vegas got the heaviest treatment. Which was awesome. :)

The two highlights were extended remixes of "Cherry Twist" & "Born Too Slow". Ironically I'm not even a big fan of the original "Born Too Slow", but their live version blew me away. A true sonic assault. They only played two or three songs off their new album, including "Come Back Clean" & the title track "Divided By Night". It was pretty cool seeing Scott do the vocals live on that last one. For an encore, it was a crowd-pleasing rendition of "Trip Like I Do."

We stuck around after the show for the meet & greet upstairs. The guys said they had a really good time in NOLA the evening before, and mentioned enjoying dinner at Dickie Brennan's Steak House. I also got to pick Scott's brain for about 15 minutes about their creative processes for several of the tracks on the new album. Of note, "Black Rainbows" was originally intended to be entirely instrumental before they heard Stephanie King Warfield sing. She's the wife of Justin Warfield, who provided the vocals for the "Kling To The Wreckage" track on the album.

Alas, I didn't bring my digital camera with me to the show since the tickets + website were pretty adamant about a No Camera Policy. In hindsight, I could've smuggled in an entire television crew since there were no metal detectors or pat downs at the door, and others had cameras in the venue with no harassment from security. However, I did snap about 30 pictures with my iPhone, so I've uploaded those to Flickr:

The Crystal Method at House of Blues Houston

If you get the opportunity to catch one of the remaining shows on this tour, I highly encourage it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Observant Puggle

The Observant Puggle
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

A very striking & formal pose in this pic, almost as if he's wearing an imaginary tuxedo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-05-10 To 2009-05-15

Finally got my Comcast CableCard issue resolved after month+; took Ash out for date @ Hubbell & Hudson Bistro, then Star Trek; great day!
10:22 PM May 10th from Tweetie

@dudesy916 Sorry man: WinMo just isn't a thriving dev platform right now; I'll let you know if I see any more clients; or get an iPhone ;-)
8:23 PM May 11th from TweetDeck in reply to dudesy916

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Chris Fortier's 2002 Kiss 100 Mix; progressive house from a master.
10:07 PM May 11th from TweetDeck

Typical Mon trouble-shooting @ work; caught Housewives/House on TiVo w/Ash in PM, then blogging & Mktg portfolio planning; e-mail, then bed.
10:46 PM May 11th from Tweetie

@dudesy916 Ah, good stuff. Glad you found one that works. Best of luck with the phone restore!
7:54 PM May 12th from Tweetie in reply to dudesy916

Wrapped up my class vids for Spring 09 today w/6 hr marathon run in PM; also caught Fringe finale over dinner w/Ash; glad it's back in fall!
11:55 PM May 12th from Tweetie

Felt ambitious this evening & decided to run a few miles for 1st time since Easter; yeah, bad idea if hoping to be up for school work; Tired
9:58 PM May 13th from Tweetie

Library & Best Buy run @ lunch today; Ash & Alfred lured me away from studies in PM w/pizza & tasty beverages; good times, but wknd = school
10:50 PM May 14th from Tweetie

Seriously considering replacing my Merlin EX720 EvDO data card with one of these new MiFi 2200s next month:
10:55 PM May 14th from TweetDeck

Twitter Pref? Airport Extreme Base Station or Time Capsule 500GB? TC seems to do better in speed tests & officially supports Time Machine.
9:55 AM May 15th from Tweetie

Relaxed Fri @ work; even did a lunch out @ Goose's Acre & Hubbell & Hudson; Mktg research in PM for paper; also got an A in Info Sec; sweet!
10:02 PM May 15th from Tweetie

After consulting my Tulane-CS-bud-turned-Apple-Guru @connerrrr, the Airport Extreme wins out over Time Capsule; will snag @ Best Buy on Sun.
10:12 PM May 15th from Tweetie

Really enjoying the new @crystalmethod Divided By Night album; easily their best work since Vegas; can't wait to see them in Houston Monday.
10:35 PM May 15th from Tweetie

The Crystal Method Discography

The Crystal Method Discography
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Getting stoked to see these guys perform for the first time in 5 years on Monday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 015: The Crystal Method Live At Showbox Seattle 1997

I've been on a big Crystal Method kick this week. This past Tuesday saw the release of their fourth studio album, "Divided By Night," and I've got tickets to see the guys do a live performance here at the House of Blues in Houston this coming Monday. Heck, I even downloaded their new iPhone app to keep up with their Twitter updates from the tour. Regarding "Divided By Night," I've probably listened to it about 6 times this week, and it's easily my second favorite Crystal Method album, behind the legendary "Vegas." I'm not a huge fan of every track on the new album, but there are some real stand-outs like "Smile" and "Black Rainbows."

There aren't many recordings of actual "live" performances of The Crystal Method floating around; most of the recordings I have in my collection are of DJ sets that the duo put together. However, I did run across a live performance while digging around Soulseek back during the summer of 2003. Prior to last weekend, I'd only listened to this performance a handful of times. But digging it out again revealed a really good find.

Surprisingly, there isn't a lot of info about this recording online. From what I've been able to determine, it's sometimes called "Live in Seattle," "Live at Showbox in Seattle," or "Live Seattle Bootleg". A few of the tracks were listed as "Unknown" or otherwise mislabeled when I originally downloaded it, and none of the websites I found online actually had the tracklisting correct. However, I believe I've been able to correct all those mistakes. The recording quality won't pass for a studio album, but it's definitely listenable.

This performance consists primarily of tracks from their "Vegas" album, so for those of you who are partial to their earlier work, you should really enjoy this one. An added bonus is their remix of Keoki's "Caterpillar" track which originally appeared on the "Altered Ego Trip" remix album that Keoki released in 1998. I'm a big fan of that album, too, and it's a good one to add to your collection if you're looking for a nice snapshot of remixes from early American electronica producers & DJs such as Uberzone, Rabbit In The Moon, & DJ Dan.

I'm glad to see these guys are still putting out new music. Now go grab this performance from the late 90s for a little historical perspective.

The Crystal Method - Live at Showbox in Seattle 1997
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

1 - The Crystal Method - High Roller
2 - The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist
3 - The Crystal Method - Now Is The Time
4 - Keoki - Caterpillar (The Crystal Method Remix)
5 - The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do
6 - The Crystal Method - Vapor Trail
7 - The Crystal Method - Alright
8 - The Crystal Method - Busy Child
9 - The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive

Waterfall By The Fountains Of Waterway Square

Waterfall By The Fountains Of Waterway Square
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

The 93-degree weather certainly made heading into the water an attractive option.

Irish Yoga

Irish Yoga
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

T-shirt seen for sale inside The Goose's Acre Irish Pub.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tea Cup

Tea Cup
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Another beverage container joins my daily set, along with my Air Force coffee travel mug & Google Nalgene water bottle, both partially seen in the background.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

A quarter of a bottle of Lucid Absinthe remains from last Friday's post-Crawfish Boil soirée at the Casa De Western 3.0.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jazz At Midnight

Jazz At Midnight
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Unwinding after a full night of class work with an Astral Project CD I got in the mail today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grocery Store Fear Mongering

Grocery Store Fear Mongering
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

I should of known it was going to be a sensationalistic tech news day when the morning began with CNN anchor Carol Costello discussing blocked links on Facebook with the remark, "Pirate Bay, it's a huge could slow down the system." By the time I read this iPhone-ensconced headline in the Kroger check-out line this evening, I just had to laugh.

JW / Electronica Classics 014: Chris Fortier's 2002 Kiss 100 Mix

Harkening back to the golden days of progressive house, this week's pick showcases one of my favorite mixes from American DJ Chris Fortier. This two hour set was aired on John Digweed's long-running weekly Kiss 100 radio show during April of 2002.

At the time this mix was compiled, Chris Fortier was promoting his recently released Bedrock 3 album, which I still consider to be one of the definitive CDs from this period. His Kiss mix is in the same vein as that album, and very indicative of what he was playing in clubs at the time.

I had the opportunity to see him perform at now-defunct Club Hyperia in Houston, TX, about two months after this set was broadcast back in 2002. The combination of his Bedrock album with this Kiss set shows both the minimalist side of Fortier and his more approachable peak-time floor-mover side. In each case, I believe you'll find the sound still feels fresh today.

Chris Fortier - Kiss 100 2002-04-12
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

Part 1 Tracklisting

01. Spooky - Belong (Original Mix)
02. Second Hand Satellites - Orbit (P. Charles Mix)
03. Lilac House Road - Deeper Than A Deep Blue Sea (True Housing Fuck)
04. Youtopia - Zomaye (Instrumental Mix)
05. Descent - Fusion
06. Daniel Ash - Unknown (Pole Folder Remix)
07. R-Tribe - Phyre
08. JV - Into The Blue (Jas Remix)
09. Patrick Turner - Soulstream
10. Phil Kieran - Juicy
11. Astroglyde - Kinky

Part 2 Tracklisting

01. Astroglyde - Kinky
02. Jas - Bourgiouse Tech
03. Moonface - Nahn Madol
04. Haris - Penalty Charge Notice
05. Morgan King - I'm Free (Re-Edit)
06. Yunus vs Cervus - Sheltoks
07. Bravemusic - Spiritualised
08. Datajack - Burning
09. BT - Loving You More (Vocal Mix)

Twitter Week In Review 2009-05-04 To 2009-05-10

Had great 27th b-day in NOLA! Saw Allen Toussaint, Ellis Marsalis & Buddy Guy @ #JazzFest day; + I found absinthe in Pirates Alley!
8:45 AM May 4th from TweetDeck

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Smokin' Jo's 2003 Essential Mix; solid house tunes for summer!
12:25 PM May 4th from TweetDeck

Spent day recovering from Jazz Fest & catching up on digital pursuits like sorting the pics & videos from the weekend; Mexican dinner in PM.
10:29 PM May 4th from Tweetie

Wow, today marks the 5 year anniversary of when I first registered for Facebook, back when it was & only open @ 15 schools.
8:48 AM May 5th from Tweetie

Recap of birthday/Jazz Fest weekend in NOLA complete with pics & vids...I love New Orleans:
9:16 AM May 5th from TweetDeck

Awesome, just got confirmation I made an A on my iPhone app proposal project & therefore an A overall in Systems Analysis & Design.
9:28 AM May 5th from TweetDeck

Spent day studying for tomorrow's Info Sec final while Ash drove us to TX; Guadalajara takeout for Cinco De Mayo; now more study then bed.
8:51 PM May 5th from Tweetie

Just built my first presentation in Keynote instead of PowerPoint; figured if I actually ponied up for the iWork Suite, might as well use it
4:03 PM May 6th from Tweetie

@darainwa It's certainly more polished & elegant! Looking forward to actually using it w/Keynote Remote during a presentation.
7:28 PM May 6th from Tweetie in reply to darainwa

Up @ 5AM to finish studying for 8AM InfoSec Final; used last day off to complete creation/recording of InfoSec pres; 2 classes down, 1 to go
10:22 PM May 6th from Tweetie

1st day back @ work in a wk; took a day off school wk in PM, read up more on Absinthe, & put together playlist for tomorrow's Crawfish Boil.
11:02 PM May 7th from Tweetie

Wacky Fri & Sat after Crawfish Boil shenanigans; caught up on some TiVo & DVDs, though; waiting for Comcast appt now, then Star Trek w/Ash.
3:11 PM May 10th from Tweetie

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Celebrating My 27th Birthday At The 40th Annual Jazz Fest

I just wrapped up my fourth trip to New Orleans in five months, which is definitely a record since moving away from the city in December 2004. We were celebrating my 27th birthday and it was definitely a memorable one.

On Saturday morning, Ashley & I drove into the city to meet up with our friends Freddie & Kadee. Freddie is a Shell employee, so he was able to get us onto the surrey leaving from One Shell Square to the New Orleans Fairgrounds, and then into the Shell hospitality tent for free food & drinks.

Although we were able to get free food in the tent, I still wanted to check out some of my favorite dishes from the vendors. Throughout the day I ate Crawfish Monica, a Crawfish Pie, Crawfish Enchiladas, Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms, and a Snowball.

On the music front, I was able to catch several acts during the Saturday performances including the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Deacon John, Dr. John, Irvin Mayfield, and the 50th anniversary tribute to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" album. That last performance even included the original drummer from the recording of "Kind of Blue."

Saturday evening we had dinner at Emeril's NOLA restaurant. A bottle of Pinot Noir, a filet, garlic mash potatoes, stuffed portabello mushrooms, and barbeque shrimp made for an exquisite birthday dinner. Afterwards, we went to Arnaud's bar which was pleasantly quiet compared to most venues in the Quarter that evening.

We had a few cocktails, and then I struck up a conversation with the bartender. I asked him if any bars in the Quarter carried the recently re-legalized authentic Absinthe. I was specifically looking for Jade Liquers Nouvelle-Orléans, which I've been researching since 2005. He said he didn't think any bars carried that particular brand, but recommended we check out the bar in Pirate's Alley, next to the St. Louis Cathedral.

Pirate's Alley was only a few blocks away, so we headed that direction. Upon entering the bar, I immediately recognized the bottle for which I was searching. I indulged in two glasses of Nouvelle-Orléans Absinthe, which was even more enjoyable given the historic location of the establishment. It really was an amazing cocktail. After finishing, we walked across Jackson Square, got some beignets & hot chocolate from Cafe Du Monde, then headed back to Embassy Suites to call it a night around 3AM.

On Sunday morning, we checked out of the hotel and then Ashley & I headed back to the Fairgrounds for a second day of Jazz Fest. One of my friends from Houston, Alfred, also made it out to Jazz Fest that day and linked up with us at the Acura Stage for the Allen Toussaint performance. During the rest of the day, we caught the Ellis Marsalis Quartet in the WWOZ Jazz Tent, and then Buddy Guy in the Blues Tent. Buddy Guy was actually the reason I wanted to go the second day, and it worked out even better since heavy rains descended on the Fairgrounds after we were already safely inside the Blues Tent with 3 seats.

As for food on the second day, I went for another round of Crawfish Monica & a crawfish pie, a softshell crab poboy, and crawfish beignets. Deliciousness.

An eventful birthday weekend, to be sure. Below I've included a link to the pictures from our adventures, as well as two videos I've put together with the various music clips from the performances of Jazz Fest that I captured.


40th Jazz Fest & 27th Birthday Photoset On Flickr


(Note: Be sure to click the HD button at the bottom of the video player to see in High Quality)

JW's Jazz Fest Montage - May 2, 2009

JW's Jazz Fest Montage - May 3, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-04-25 To 2009-05-02

Reason # 127 to love @googlevoice : responding to txts from a full-size keyboard is 100x faster than pecking out a response via your phone.
7:51 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Wow, CD 1 of the new Pacha Classics album is like house music bliss; making my school project feel like less work & more party. Good times.
8:19 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Entire day spent on iPhone school proj; confession: this might be the most fun I've had on a school-required proj ever; plus this might = $!
10:57 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Sasha's NYE 1999 Mix at Ally Pally; the heyday for trance tunes!
10:27 AM Apr 26th from TweetDeck

@brianthiggins It's illustrating the SDLC applied towards the creation of an iPhone app about NOLA. :-)
12:03 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to brianthiggins

Awesome, check out this Trombone Shorty vs Wynton Marsalis video from Fri night @ HOB NOLA:
12:18 PM Apr 26th from TweetDeck

@dudesy916 Wow, I've never even seen a torrent that large, much less attempted to download one; 14 hrs for 39GB is crazy fast!
1:03 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to dudesy916

@msheets That's awesome!
3:50 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to msheets

Singularly focused on iPhone paper today; knocked out 12 pages worth of analysis/description + diagrams; need to wrap up tomorrow night.
11:37 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie

Snap, I just worked 9 solid hrs @ work, followed by the most intense 6 hrs of paper writing I've ever attempted; my brain is zapped. Eeesh.
1:13 AM Apr 28th from Tweetie

Branford Marsalis tunes on a rainy day are helping this sleep-deprived individual feel human again. :-)
11:41 AM Apr 28th from Tweetie

Drained day due to 3 hrs of sleep last night; managed to still get stuff done @ work, then made minor progress on my Info Sec slides; in PM.
10:10 PM Apr 28th from TweetDeck

On the cusp of being caught up @ work for 1st time in '09; mall trip in PM for Jazz Fest prep w/new clothes + haircut; so stoked for weekend
9:47 PM Apr 29th from Tweetie

Last time slot @ #JazzFest on Sat is tough! Miles Davis Kind of Blue tribute vs Bon Jovi vs O'Jays; too bad set lists aren't preannounced ;)
10:09 PM Apr 29th from Tweetie

@khurst421 Much better! This time my hair stylist actually got finished with my sideburns before I sent her into a sudden fit of sobbing. ;)
10:13 PM Apr 29th from TweetDeck in reply to khurst421

Here are my cube picks for #JazzFest on Sat & Sun; great music & then Emeril's NOLA on Sat night. (PDF Link)
8:46 AM Apr 30th from TweetDeck

Listening to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" album again after reading this article: Can't wait for #JazzFest tribute
10:28 AM Apr 30th from TweetDeck

Listening to the #JazzFest broadcast at work via
12:33 PM Apr 30th from Tweetie

Headed to LA tomorrow, so spent evening packing, getting the car cleaned up, & prepping my gadgets for the weekend+ of fun ahead #JazzFest
10:41 PM Apr 30th from Tweetie

Made it to LA for #JazzFest; stopped by Tanger charity walk for etouffee & catfish; finished PM w/drive-thru daiquris; Fairgrounds in AM! :)
9:36 PM May 1st from Tweetie

@saralytle Congrats Sara!
7:11 AM May 2nd from Tweetie in reply to saralytle

Made it onto the Shell surrey; next stop Fairgrounds!
10:24 AM May 2nd from Tweetie

Had an awesome day out @ #JazzFest; headed to Emeril's NOLA for dinner, then bar hopping in the Quarter w/Ash, Freddie, & Kadee.
8:44 PM May 2nd from Tweetie

JW / Electronica Classics 013: Smokin' Jo's 2003 Essential Mix

Another feel good set this week, as I'm still on vacation in Louisiana celebrating my 27th birthday. I had this Essential Mix burned to an MP3 CD and it stayed in my Jetta's CD player for months back in 2003 & 2004. It's got groovy house tunes (as you'll see from the track list below), a few harder tunes towards the end, and stays upbeat throughout.

This will be a keeper for you as the summer months kick into full swing. It was an old standby set when Ashley & I used to cruise around in her Beetle convertible & head to the beach in Delaware. Enjoy!

Smokin' Jo - Essential Mix 2003-09-21
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

Inland Knights - Right Now
Lisa Stansfield - Hold On [Accapella]
Locodice - Phat Dope Shit
Inland Knights - Wait A While
Switch - Get Yer Dub On
Boinic Bump Band - Beastie
Hughes - Idiot Box
Locodice - City Lights
Jon Carter - Closer to God (Tim Sheridian Mix)
Delgardo - Coffee Beats Vol 2
Ronnie Ganaoa ft Stephane K - Cant Get Enough Of Your Love (Jako Ibiza Mix)
Unknown - Unknown
Ciarmen - Work It
4 Tune 500 - Dancing In The Dark
Sandy Rivera - Dreams
Gordan Edge - Body Free
Ross Couch - In The Night
Wackside feat Chic - Freak Out
Maracia - Shake It [Mutiny Remix]
Superchumbo - This Beat Is
Julius Papp - Drum De Voodoo
Mansonic Noodles - Gonna Get You
Audio Bullys - Way Too Long (Switch Remix)
50 Cent - In Da Club (Radio Slave Edit)

Buddy Guy Performs At Jazz Fest

Buddy Guy Performs At Jazz Fest
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

We were insanely lucky to find 3 seats together in the Blues Tent just minutes before the rain showers started over the New Orleans Fairgrounds.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Saturday, May 02, 2009

AT&T's Network Crumbles At Jazz Fest

AT&T's Network Crumbles At Jazz Fest
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Despite the data meter at the top of the screen, internet access was non-existent, SMS messages rarely went through, and voice calls were about 50/50. Temporary towers aren't available for events like this or SXSWi?

Soul Cleansing In The Gospel Tent

Soul Cleansing In The Gospel Tent
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Watching Dillard University's VisionQuest Choir at Jazz Fest.

Friday, May 01, 2009

And So Jazz Fest Weekend Begins

And So Jazz Fest Weekend Begins
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Kicking it off in my own way in TX via the easily-accessible LA-native Raising Cane's for lunch today.