Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Brain Melter Of A Live Set: Digweed at Amnesia

I've had this hour of music on heavy rotation over the past week, and felt compelled to share it. This was recorded on the night of August 2, 2008, as part of Radio 1's Essential Mix broadcast from Amnesia in Ibiza.

I've pasted the tracklist below, with three tracks I considered particularly notable bolded. A bit heavier on the techno than I've heard from John Digweed in recent years, but it works really, REALLY well. He made full use of his hour of allotted live broadcast time. Truly, this is the most consistently aggressive 60 minutes of music I've ever heard come from the man.

[00:00] 01 - Bedrock - Forge (Tom Middleton Remix)
[06:00] 02 - Guy J - Geko (Remute Remix)
[11:00] 03 - On Spec vs The Police - Voices Of Columbus (Jamie Stevens Re-Edit)
[17:00] 04 - Gianluca Motta - London (Pig & Dan Remix)
[23:00] 05 - Depeche Mode - Freelove (Josh Wink Vocal Dub)
[31:00] 06 - Remute - Condensated
[35:00] 07 - Christian Smith - Flyertalk
[43:00] 08 - Timo Maas - Subtellite
[53:00] 09 - Misstress Barbara - K-10 (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
[59:00] 10 - Winona - Without You (Kris Menace Remix)

Click Here To Download The Set

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I have! It's gotten more remarkable with each subsequent listen.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Google Street View Comes To The Woodlands

I ran across a post this morning on the Inside The Woodlands blog about Google Street view images of this area now being available.

Sure enough, the omnipresent Googlebot seemed to take a ride by our house some time around December 2007 given the wreath on our house. For those of you with familiarity of the area, try plugging in a few addresses to see their accuracy. I'm not sure if the images are intentionally off by a few houses due to security concerns, but on the addresses I've checked, I've invariably had to scroll down the street a tad to see accurate pics.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Looking Back At The Richie Hawtin & Danny Tenaglia Pacha NYC 2007 Evening

Upon seeing that Richie Hawtin will make an extremely rare appearance in the southern United States later this month in Houston, I became nostalgic about a very memorable club night I attended last June in Manhattan.

I poked around on YouTube & came across three videos from that evening that others recorded. While I assumed cameras were banned from the club (and therefore, didn't bring mine), I did end up in the background of one of the club photographer's shots. However, still images can't do the event justice, so check out these 3 videos from June 8, 2007 at club Pacha in New York City.

For those interested in seeing true "techno" performed by one of its pioneers, I highly recommend catching Richie on his Fall 2008 tour. Full itinerary on his website.