Friday, July 31, 2009

OWC Mercury On-The-Go Enclosure

OWC Mercury On-The-Go Enclosure
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Housing my original MacBook Pro 200GB hard drive since I upgraded to a 500GB drive a couple of weeks back.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puggles & His Piggle

Puggles & His Piggle
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Yes, it used to have ears, but as illustrated by Puggles' activity in the photo, small fuzzy appendages don't have great odds in his presence.

Guadalajara Margarita

Guadalajara Margarita
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It turned into a tequila Tuesday, as we took Math & his girlfriend out for Mexican food last night.

Ethical Implications Of Modifying Modern Mobile Computing Platforms

With this week's rejection of the Google Voice app for the iPhone, I thought it might be a good time to post this paper I wrote for my Information Technology Ethics class last month in the Auburn MBA program. My paper covers some background on jailbreaking and unlocking mobile devices (iPhone, Android, & WebOS primarily), the legal environment surrounding such activities, and whether doing so is in fact ethical.

Since I've got some footnote and bullet action going on in the paper, I'm just going to post the PDF instead of copying/pasting the entirety of it into this blog post.

Ethical Implications Of Modifying Modern Mobile Computing Platforms
A Paper By Juston Western

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Freebirds Party Van

Freebirds Party Van
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A decidedly funky addition to the parking lot which normally houses FedEx Kinkos customers.

Largest Burrito Ever

Largest Burrito Ever
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This puppy from Freebirds must have weighed 5+ pounds. I regretted the lunch choice a mere 47 minutes later.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Twitter Weeks In Review 2009-07-12 To 2009-07-25

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Julius Papp Test Press 2000; my intro to MJ's "Off The Wall".
10:10 PM Jul 12th from TweetDeck

5 hrs today spent cleaning 328i; Guadalajara in PM w/family then helped my bro install his new 500GB in MBP; good practice for my upgrade!
10:51 PM Jul 12th from Tweetie

Slower Mon @ office; had lunch w/Ash @ Black Walnut Cafe; 3 mile run in PM w/Math & Alfred, then watched Home Run Derby/caught up on RSS.
10:02 PM Jul 13th from Tweetie

Power outage of at least 2 hrs still continues in Northwest corner of The Woodlands. Entergy website confirms 1,000+ without power.
11:37 AM Jul 14th from Tweetie

Disc 2 of Oakenfold's new Perfecto Vegas album is refreshingly listenable. Didn't care much for Disc 1, however.
1:53 PM Jul 14th from Tweetie

A rather long 10 hr day @ the office; spent PM discussing house bidding strategies w/Ash; might put in an offer as early as this weekend.
10:38 PM Jul 14th from Tweetie

Work was busy with code upgrades; spent time in PM w/Mom before she heads back to Saudi Arabia tomorrow; also got my desk quasi-straightened
9:49 PM Jul 15th from Tweetie

More house hunting after work today; came home for a 3 mile run afterward to clear my mind; talked #'s w/Ash then unwound for a few w/Peggle
10:38 PM Jul 16th from Tweetie

@davidherrold 8 pages of iPhone apps here.
10:18 AM Jul 17th from Tweetie in reply to davidherrold

Dear Dell Work PC: I should not be able to think & type faster than you can process.
11:11 AM Jul 17th from Tweetie

Almost time for Video Games Live!
6:58 PM Jul 18th from Tweetie

Wacky Fri; off work @ noon, spent 3 hrs in the new cigar bar, Rio 25, then kicked it with family & friends the rest of the evening.
10:53 PM Jul 19th from Tweetie

Sat spent purchasing our first house; went from offer to acceptance within an hour; then Video Games Live in PM for bro's b-day @ Jones Hall
10:55 PM Jul 19th from Tweetie

Sun spent w/more house paperwork; finally switched out my MacBook Pro HD, then Fry's run; PM spent reinstalling apps within OS X; snappiness
10:57 PM Jul 19th from Tweetie

Headed down to the Astros game with my bro for Tulane Alumni night in the Coca-Cola suite. Oh hello hotdog & peanuts...
6:13 PM Jul 20th from Tweetie

Busy doing research @ work on Tues; did a 3 hr house inspection in afternoon of the new property, then came home for a 4 mile run; tiredness
6:33 AM Jul 22nd from Tweetie

Long day @ office on Wed...likely the new norm for next few months; PM spent catching up w/bro & his girlfriend who flew in from Boulder.
8:47 AM Jul 23rd from Tweetie

Library run & errands @ lunch on Thur; looking fwd to the weekend to finish reinstalling all the programs on my MBP post-HD format.
6:20 AM Jul 24th from Tweetie

Disdain for my back feeling sore in PM kicked me into productivity overdrive; knocked out everything on my To Do list w/a few drinks to boot
10:10 PM Jul 24th from web

Sheesh, why is it this complex to get your old Photobooth pics back into Photobooth after an OS X reinstall?
1:47 PM Jul 25th from TweetDeck

Wonky back is putting the kibosh on my Olivier Desmet show ambitions this PM; compensating w/Rock Band w/bro then a cigar to wrap up evening
8:06 PM Jul 25th from Tweetie

JW / Electronica Classics 022: Platipus Sound System Live Set

The Platipus Sound System is a collection of 3 trance producers on the Platipus Records label: Terra Ferma, Art of Trance, & POB. The duo of Terra Ferma & Art of Trance also produce under the moniker Union Jack. I had the pleasure of seeing these artists perform at an event in New Orleans during May of 2000. To this day it is still one of my favorite live electronic performances I've witnessed. Here are a few photographs & video clips from that performance.

This week's choice is a set I ran across in early 2002 purportedly from the trance production outfit. Sadly there was no date or other metadata that came along with the file. However, there are several recognizable Platipus tracks during the 2 hour long recording which at least lend some credence to its authenticity.

The Platipus Sound System - Live Set

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ticket To A New Premium App?

Ticket To A New Premium App?
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

I received this iTunes Gift Card as a thank you token a few weeks back, but I'm still undecided as to which app or apps it should be put towards. I'm considering OmniFocus, Bento, or LogMeIn Ignition, but none have totally sold me as must-have apps yet.

Hewitt BMW's

Hewitt BMW's
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Similar cars have been slinking closer and closer to my usual parking spot until this photo op occurred.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Astros vs Cardinals

Astros vs Cardinals
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Kind of cool to see a baseball game in Houston on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

MacBook Pro Surgery

MacBook Pro Surgery
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

My machine with its insides exposed during the process of upgrading from a 200GB hard drive to a 500GB model.

Jones Hall From Above

Jones Hall From Above
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Looking down at the lobby of Jones Hall while waiting for the start of Video Games Live with the Houston Symphony.

Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Spending my Friday afternoon at the Rio 24 Cigar Bar during it's Grand Opening weekend on The Woodlands Waterway.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-07-04 To 2009-07-11

My 4th of July PM Project: editing together my Future Fest video footage from last weekend
11:55 PM Jul 4th from Tweetie

Just realized I had an insane # of tabs open in Firefox due to continuing research for my iPhone Unlock/Jailbreak paper. Total # of tabs? 92
10:24 PM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Spent day working on research paper for Ethics; not done yet but I predict it'll be good enough to blog-post soon; I <3>
10:46 PM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW/Electronica Classic: Erick Morillo & Harry Choo Choo Romero 2000 Essential Mix ; house me!
11:28 PM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

Slow Mon @ office but a solid 5 hr research paper wrap-up sprint in PM; just need to do final proofread @ lunch tomorrow, then summer vacay!
11:47 PM Jul 6th from Tweetie

@gabetax It might be related to this:
9:04 AM Jul 7th from Tweetie in reply to gabetax

Just e-mailed in my final paper for Information Technology Ethics; now a 5 week break before I start my final class prior to graduation. :-)
12:01 PM Jul 7th from Tweetie

Picking back up w/the Stanford iPhone dev class vids after taking a couple of months off to finish my real "for credit" Auburn MBA courses.
10:33 PM Jul 7th from Tweetie

Such a balanced day: husband, brother, friend, student, entrepreneur, athlete, learner, enthusiast...I aspire to hit all of these everyday!
11:05 PM Jul 7th from Tweetie

Snap: Google is going for the knockout punch against Microsoft! RT @google: Introducing the Google Chrome OS
6:09 AM Jul 8th from Tweetie

The Top 50 Bars In New Orleans:
6:15 AM Jul 8th from Tweetie

I'll be upgrading my MacBook Pro harddrive from a 160GB 7,200RPM Hitachi to a 500GB 7,200RPM Seagate on Sat; got my drive/tools in yesterday
12:02 PM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Totally exploiting my extra free time in evenings during school hiatus; grilled out, worked out, learned for fun, & helped Ash w/her paper.
10:53 PM Jul 8th from Tweetie

@dsilverman 802.11n via an upgrade to an AEBS about two months ago.
2:18 PM Jul 9th from Tweetie in reply to dsilverman

Hit up Baker Street Pub @ lunch today for coworkers' birthdays; did 3 mile run in this crazy TX heat in PM; zapped energy, but still had fun
11:38 PM Jul 9th from Tweetie

Hit up Kobe Sushi @ lunch today w/my buds Alfred & Ebach; getting ready to head to Rich's for Damian Lazarus w/@ashleyzw & @MattWestern
8:03 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie

Up after only a couple hrs of sleep; Damian Lazarus show last night was fantastic; headed to go look @ 7 houses this morning.
9:44 AM Jul 11th from Tweetie

JW / Electronica Classics 021: Julius Papp Test Press July 2000

I ran across this mix during the early summer of 2001 after seeing Julius Papp perform at Freak Fest. A few years have gone by since I last thought about it, although I always remembered enjoying the mix starting off with the lyrics, "Tonight, gonna leave the 9 to 5 upon the shelf, and just enjoy yourself."

Having never listened to all of Michael Jackson's earlier work, I was laughably unaware that those lyrics were sampled from the title track of "Off The Wall." As I've caught up on the entirety of Michael Jackson's catalog in the last few weeks following his death, this mix from Julius Papp sprang to mind and seemed like a fitting addition the weekly Classics series.

My attempts to hunt down a track list or other information on this set online have yielded no results. For you house music lovers, feel free to add track IDs in the comments if certain songs jump out at you.

Julius Papp - Test Press 2000-07-13
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

Detailed Car

Detailed Car
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Spent 5 hours today cleaning the interior, then washing, using a clay bar, + waxing the exterior.

Damian Lazarus

Damian Lazarus
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Poster from the show at Rich's on Friday. What a great night out.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Very Sushi Lunch

A Very Sushi Lunch
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

A Crunchy Roll & Crawfish Volcano Roll from Kobe Sushi led to a rather sleepy afternoon.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Originally uploaded by Juston Western

My favorite gelato in The Woodlands: a mix of Vanilla Bean and Cappuccino from Hubbell & Hudson.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

JW / Blog June 2009 Summary

A new feature I'm running on the blog is a monthly wrap-up that highlights all the stories, pictures, or other articles I've featured during the month. If the daily flow becomes too noisy, this monthly recap may be more digestible for your tastes.


JW / Electronica Classics 017: Parks & Wilson Essential Mix 2000

JW / Electronica Classics 018: John Digweed Live At Massive
JW / Electronica Classics 019: Thievery Corporation Live at Vienna Jazz Fest


Twitter Week In Review 2009-05-30 To 2009-06-06
Twitter Week In Review 2009-06-06 To 2009-06-12
Twitter Week In Review 2009-06-13 To 2009-06-19


Fun With Grammar!
Computer Books
Lake Woodlands
Corporate Chardonnay
Puggles & Pig Ear
Dead Power Supply
Glorious Grilling
Cube Farm At Dawn
WWDC Keynote 2009
Sweet Elixir
Trance Revival
Texas Summer
Brilliant Or Texas Fanboyism?
Le Tourment Vert
A Loyal Companion 1
A Loyal Companion 2
Miller Outdoor Theater
iPhone Home Screen June 2009
A Stern Puggle
Puggles And Ashley
Mellowing Out With Trombone Shorty
Old Rave T-Shirts
Familiar iPhone Sight

Grillin' With Puggles!

Grillin' With Puggles!
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

The little guy checks out my Shiner Smokehaus & plate of portobellos + brats while we jam out to Off The Wall via AirTunes on the boom box.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 7

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 7
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

To celebrate the end of my summer class, I pulled out one of my last 2 Divine Reserve 7's, which has been aging in my beer fridge since the day after we got power back following Hurricane Ike in September 2008.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

Twitter Weeks In Review 2009-06-21 To 2009-07-04

Fri was awesome; hit Baker St Pub @ lunch, Trombone Shorty show in PM @ Miller Theater, then dinner/drinks @ Katz's on Westheimer @ 1AM.
12:01 AM Jun 21st from Tweetie

Spent 12 hrs today catching up on school videos/reading assignments; wrapped up evening w/hour long phone convo w/my old Air Force boss, TW.
12:05 AM Jun 21st from Tweetie

Disappointed in new Facebook 2.5 iPhone app; no push notifications, & Inbox is still broken w/blank msgs.
12:59 AM Jun 21st from Tweetie

This video is making me consider a 3GS after all. I'll prob still wait until Sept though in hopes of a 64GB iTouch
1:10 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

@ephekt I've got a single MP3 of it and my CD copy is still in good shape. Do you still have the tracklisting? I can update ID3 tags & u/l.
7:18 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie in reply to ephekt

@Cheryllaw While I really like the Pre, it's still a 1st gen device. I'd say get an iPhone 3GS now, & then look at a Pre in a year or two.
7:21 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie in reply to Cheryllaw

@ephekt I'm uploading the individually tracked version now. Between your memory, Google & Shazam we can probably piece the info together. :)
7:42 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie in reply to ephekt

@ronniehiggins Heh, same missing tracks in my tests, too. @ephekt I'll DM you the zip; maybe you can fill in the gaps.
8:10 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie in reply to ronniehiggins

John Digweed's Global Underground Sydney album is so awesome Another favorite of mine to toss on the iPod while running.
9:14 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Thievery Corporation Live at Jazz Fest Vienna 2005; worldly tunes!
9:58 PM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

All day spent gathering data for my Ethics research paper; hopeful I can knock out the actual writing within the next 3 days or so.
11:11 PM Jun 21st from Tweetie

Eclectic Transitions hr 1 mix from @djjohndigweed this week; heavier on the vocal/experimental tracks than usual; definitely worth a listen.
9:49 AM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

@mintyone What are your first impressions of the new hardware?
12:55 PM Jun 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to mintyone

RT @voodooexp2009: #voodoolineupscramble: tecjisu (Wow, this looks like Justice will be at Voodoo!)
1:02 PM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

Geez, I never thought I'd say this, but traffic is BRUTAL on Research Forest in The Woodlands today. It's taken me 25 mins to go 2 miles.
5:32 PM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

Just bought the new BeejiveIM 3.0 which supports Push Notifications. Let's try it out! Also, I got it for $9.99. Don't know if that'll last.
7:47 PM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

Wow, this Texas vs LSU game is turning out to be a great one.
9:16 PM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

A busy Mon @ office; home in PM for 3 mile run, College World Series on TV w/Ash, testing out BeejiveIM, & now schoolwork at 11:30...score!
11:26 PM Jun 22nd from Tweetie

Lots-o-calls today @ work; BMW light repair @ lunch; worked late to finish a proj, then class reading & 2 hrs of videos in PM; come on Fri!
11:01 PM Jun 23rd from Tweetie

This is making me second-guess a post-work run this afternoon.
3:42 PM Jun 24th from Tweetie

The 104-degree temperature made me wuss out on running; doing schoolwork before the LSU vs TX game, then retiring to the living room.
6:20 PM Jun 24th from Tweetie

Wings w/Ash this evening as we watched her alma mater take home the CWS title; also wrapped up final class vid of summer; 2 tests/paper left
11:32 PM Jun 24th from Tweetie

Yep, time to cue up Michael Jackson's "History" album. RIP you wacky, wacky man.
7:29 PM Jun 25th from Tweetie

@pineoaks @ashleyzw It'll be one of these!
9:58 PM Jun 25th from Tweetie in reply to pineoaks

In top form @ office today; spent evening prep'ing for my trip to Austin this weekend & catching glimpses of CNN coverage of Michael Jackson
10:45 PM Jun 25th from Tweetie

Just placed my pre-order for Windows 7 Pro w/Amazon for $99. Not a bad price, Microsoft!
11:21 AM Jun 26th from Tweetie

11:00 PM Jun 26th from Tweetie

Great last few days in Austin w/my buddy @pineoaks; I'll have pics & stories posted later this week; gotta get unpacked here in H-Town now.
9:24 PM Jun 28th from Tweetie

Studying for tomorrow's Ethics exam w/a few Mark Farina tunes & a kiss of Jack on the rocks. Almost done with the Summer semester.
9:52 PM Jun 29th from Tweetie

Whoa, The Pirate Bay being sold for $7.8m & going legal:
5:56 AM Jun 30th from Tweetie

Firefox 3.5 = Blazing, especially on my MacBook Pro. Well done, Mozilla team.
9:36 PM Jun 30th from Tweetie

Discovering the Michael Jackson songbook today; Ash can't believe I'd never heard 'PYT' until last Fri; almost time for slumber.
10:31 PM Jun 30th from Tweetie

Just set up my gdgt profile:
6:09 PM Jul 1st from Tweetie

Snap, I'm 1 photo away from 22,000 pics uploaded to Flickr. What should mark the occasion?
10:34 PM Jul 1st from Tweetie

Busy @ work, and an evening spent studying for tomorrow's exam(s); looking fwd to this 3-day wknd, w/an iPhone research paper + music events
10:53 PM Jul 1st from Tweetie

This might be the oddest voicemail I've ever received. Seriously, what the heck? From 800-786-4867. Is it Enya?
5:47 PM Jul 2nd from TweetDeck

6:21 PM Jul 2nd from Flickr

Slower day @ work; had lunch out @ Pie Town; home in PM for TV w/Ash, Blackboard postings, MPB hard drive ordering & overly loud electronica
10:44 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie

Dang it; the Flickr upload 2blog e-mail functionality seems to be broken since I linked it up to my Twitter account earlier today.
10:51 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie

Heh, the MySpace Mobile iPhone app just got updated; it's almost startling how quickly Facebook made MySpace such a non-starter.
10:54 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie

@mintyone Wow, amazing shot! That auto-focus on the 3GS seems to really work well. Otherwise we'd probably just see that dude's hat. :-)
11:18 AM Jul 3rd from Tweetie in reply to mintyone

@mintyone Ha, I just looked at the pixel dimensions. That's definitely NOT a cell phone pic. ;-)
11:19 AM Jul 3rd from Tweetie in reply to mintyone

Really digging the new Gmail drag & drop labels; this new implementation is much more intuitive than the drop down menus.
12:43 PM Jul 3rd from Tweetie

If anyone was looking for Christmas gift ideas for me:
1:05 PM Jul 3rd from Tweetie

Just got done sketching out my 17-week training plan for the Jazz Half Marathon in NOLA on Halloween; 13.2 mi in AM, then Voodoo Fest in PM.
2:26 PM Jul 3rd from Tweetie

Headed out to dinner w/Ash, then to the CWM Pavilion for Houston Symphony + Fireworks; maybe downtown for Julius Papp later tonight?
5:00 PM Jul 3rd from Tweetie

Amazing 1st round of HR Derby...24 home runs by lead off batter!
1:41 PM Jul 4th from mobile web

@dudesy916 Ha, that must've been it, then. I'm still impressed, some 4 yrs later. Suppose 4 yr lag would explain nightfall @ 1PM. ;-)
2:49 PM Jul 4th from TweetDeck in reply to dudesy916

One of the better MIchael Jackson remix compilations I've run across:
3:08 PM Jul 4th from TweetDeck

@netfuel Be sure not to use your cell phone while driving on base. Those Security Forces guys love to snipe you if you've got it on ear.
8:51 PM Jul 4th from Tweetie in reply to netfuel

JW / Electronica Classics 020: Erick Morillo & Harry Choo Choo Romero Essential Mix

Inspired by this past Friday's Independence Day Essential Mix from Erick Morillo, I couldn't resist pulling out this gem from late 2000. I recall my suite mate at Tulane during sophomore year absolutely loving this mix, and his enthusiasm admittedly influenced my appreciation for it.

My apologies for the lack of Classics posting last weekend. I took a road trip to Austin to visit an old college buddy and check out a fairly large electronic music event, so it zapped my availability for blog posting. For those interested, you can view the video recap of the show I put together here.

Erick Morillo & Harry Choo Choo Romero - Essential Mix 2000-12-24
Megaupload Link / Rapidshare Link

Ron Carol - The Sermon
Minister De La Funk - Believe
Spiller - Miami (Grooovejet)
M&S - Salsoul Nugget
Lucy Pearl - Dont Mess With My Man
EBTG vs Soulvision - Tracey In My Room
Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
Thick Dick - Welcome To The Jungle
Georgie Porgie - Life Goes On
Halo Varga - My Sound
Bass Toy - Running
Eddie Amador - Rise
Plastikman - Spastik
Daft Punk - One More Time
Azzido Da Bass - Doomsnight
Kings of Tomorrow - Finally
B-Series Vol. 1 - Feelings
Africanism - Tourment DAmour
Harry Choo Choo Romero - Beats Vol. 1 (Beetle Mix)
Mongobonix feat. Inaya Day - I Will (Congobonix Dub)
Harry & Alex - So Lonely (Original Demo)
Soul Providers feat. Michelle Shellers - Rise
Simon - Free (At Last)
Hatiras - Spaced Invader
Afro Medusa - Pasilda
Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You (Spiller Vocal Remix)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Running
Various Artists - Essential Punishment
Modjo - Lady

Research and Learn

Research and Learn
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

While researching for my iPhone Unlock/Jailbreak paper, I figured I learn & test out Evernote in the process. Initial impressions? An intriguing piece of software.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Catholic Perks?

Catholic Perks?
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Apparently I upgraded Ashley's AT&T plan to the Divine Package (TM).

Portofino Fountain

Portofino Fountain
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Picturesque fountain, as seen exiting Pie Town.

Pie Town!

Pie Town!
Originally uploaded by Juston Western

Had lunch here today. Most people found it odd I kept emphatically reciting the restaurant name à la Taco Town from the SNL skit.