Sunday, July 27, 2008

Muxtape Compilation Of My Current Running Music

Like many, I really enjoy running with music. Although I circulate the tunes on my iPod fairly regularly, there's a core set of tracks that I find myself consistently reloading to keep me motivated while running the trails here in The Woodlands.

A few months back I read a post on the Houston Chronicle's TechBlog about Muxtape. Basically, it lets you create a web-based mixtape to share with friends. You can't download the songs, but you can listen to the tracks in their entirety.

Since I get pretty jazzed about the music I'm listening to at any given time, I thought Muxtape would lend itself fairly well to sharing my current tastes with others. So click the link the below to listen to the compilation of songs I use to keep the adrenaline flowing.


Charlie said...

Welcome back to blogging Juice!

Juston Western said...

Thanks buddy. :-)