Friday, August 08, 2008

Looking Back At The Richie Hawtin & Danny Tenaglia Pacha NYC 2007 Evening

Upon seeing that Richie Hawtin will make an extremely rare appearance in the southern United States later this month in Houston, I became nostalgic about a very memorable club night I attended last June in Manhattan.

I poked around on YouTube & came across three videos from that evening that others recorded. While I assumed cameras were banned from the club (and therefore, didn't bring mine), I did end up in the background of one of the club photographer's shots. However, still images can't do the event justice, so check out these 3 videos from June 8, 2007 at club Pacha in New York City.

For those interested in seeing true "techno" performed by one of its pioneers, I highly recommend catching Richie on his Fall 2008 tour. Full itinerary on his website.

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