Sunday, April 05, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-03-29 To 2009-04-04

Posted this week's JW/Electronica Classic: Sasha & John Digweed's Delta Heavy Essential Mix from WMC 2002.
1:57 PM Mar 29th from TweetDeck

@RyanDurham Glad to hear it!
6:35 PM Mar 29th from TweetDeck in reply to RyanDurham

Spent day catching up on house stuff; 3 class videos in PM, 2 30 Rocks w/Ash & Puggles, then MP3 moving to have fresh tunes for next week.
11:53 PM Mar 29th from TweetDeck

RT @voodooexp2009: KISS confirmed for Oct 31. Happy Halloween! Many more bands to be announced. #VoodooExp
3:44 PM Mar 30th from TweetDeck

Busy Mon @ the office; easily handled a client prob, though, so that was fulfilling; school work in PM...April's going to be challenging.
9:23 PM Mar 30th from TweetDeck

Deep in the weeds of SAS coding today @ work...didn't even pause for lunch; had to unwind in PM w/"College" DVD (filmed @ Tulane!) + wine.
10:29 PM Mar 31st from TweetDeck

Just made it down to the University of Houston for the "iPhone Under The Hood" development seminar. Parking @ a commuter school is tough!
1:01 PM Apr 1st from Tweetie

Awesome day; short, but productive morning @ work, great iPhone dev talk down @ U of H in PM, Mexican dinner out w/Ash, now brainstorming.
9:38 PM Apr 1st from TweetDeck

Just scored box seats for the Seinfeld show at Jones Hall next month. :-)
10:34 AM Apr 2nd from TweetDeck

@mintyone Awesome! Thanks for the heads up on this place; I hadn't heard about it yet; I'll definitely have to check it out next weekend.
7:17 PM Apr 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to mintyone

A ticket buying kinda day! Just picked up 2 for the Crystal Method live show here in Houston @ the House of Blues next month.
7:20 PM Apr 2nd from TweetDeck

Stormy morn in The Woodlands; had lots of iPhone dev talk @ work today; PM spent with class quiz/videos/planning; cell amp research then bed
11:09 PM Apr 2nd from TweetDeck

Delicious lunch on the patio on a beautiful spring day.
1:14 PM Apr 3rd from Tweetie

@pineoaks Awesome. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! :-)
9:09 PM Apr 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to pineoaks

Quite the day; calls & proj planning @ work; extended lunch on patio of Landry's w/great weather; ran 10K in PM in prep for Cresc City Clsc.
10:09 PM Apr 3rd from TweetDeck

@baldbobbo Got plans for after the race on Sat? I'm toying with the idea of hitting up Bulldog/Big Fisherman or that new NOLA Brewery.
10:23 PM Apr 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to baldbobbo

Good morning! Headed down to Rice University soon for the Tulane Alumni Crawfish Boil, then catching the Tulane vs Rice baseball game.
7:54 AM Apr 4th from TweetDeck

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