Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-04-18 To 2009-04-24

@dudesy916 You must zone out during my new tech demos at work, like the one where I showed TweetDeck...a month ago. ;-)
12:38 PM Apr 18th from TweetDeck in reply to dudesy916

Sat spent working on my Hewitt InfoSec paper & doing a few things around the house; went to the @bjmitts Crawfish Boil in PM...good times!
9:20 AM Apr 19th from TweetDeck

Posted this week's JW/Electronica Classic: Hybrid on One World 2003; amazing live breakbeat performance:
9:58 AM Apr 19th from TweetDeck

Landry's Crawfish Boil = AWESOME.
2:28 PM Apr 19th from Tweetie

I like to see NOLA getting publicity, even on Twitter. Plus, half the tags in this cloud could be NOLA-centric!
10:44 PM Apr 19th from TweetDeck

Didn't get quite as much paper writing done today as hoped, but did have some fun w/Ash & Puggles; family sometimes has to trump school.
10:52 PM Apr 19th from TweetDeck

@dsilverman Heard of any AT&T 3G data outages around Houston? We've had 0 3G all morning in The Woodlands in places I'd normally get 5 bars.
12:05 PM Apr 20th from Tweetie

Downed a mini-pot of coffee; let's see how long I can ride this caffeine wave towards paper-writing progress!
7:30 PM Apr 20th from Tweetie

Calmer Mon @ work actually allowed me Measurable progress in PM on my Hewitt Info Sec paper; should be able to finalize tomorrow.
11:34 PM Apr 20th from Tweetie

Digging Tweetie for Mac; fits nicely into same Space as Adium; will prob run in parallel to TweetDeck which needs its own space but is great
11:59 PM Apr 20th from Tweetie

@ATTNews Have changes been made to 3G towers around The Woodlands TX (just north of Houston) recently? Our 3G coverage has been poor this wk
1:01 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie

RT @TheEllenShow: Hey Tulane students - I've told you to follow me...and you're gonna find out why tomorrow!
6:18 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie

Knocked out a single, but important task @ work today; home in PM for more Info Sec paper writing...1 more section to go, then iPhone paper.
11:10 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie

RT: @Pogue -BREAKING POGUE TWITTER NEWS- Dear followers: We're about to become a book! Get psyched! Here's the details:
11:17 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie

Wow: Oakenfold + Sandra Collins @ Rich's Houston on 5/15; 2 of my wildest NOLA stories involve them @ MardiGras '01
11:47 PM Apr 21st from TweetDeck

Speaking of Sandra Collins, #7 on this CD = WIN; reminds me of cruising around uptown NOLA; check the Listen link:
12:16 AM Apr 22nd from Tweetie

Man, AT&T's 3G coverage is still completely MIA in The Woodlands,TX. What happened over the weekend?
1:16 PM Apr 22nd from Twinkle

Not a bad Wed; caught up on some projs @ work, then finished my Info Sec paper in PM after watching Fringe w/Puggles. Exam study, then bed.
11:39 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie

This wk is draining me; AM spent @ office, PM working @ home waiting for Comcast tech who didn't show; studied in evening for Fri's final.
10:26 PM Apr 23rd from Tweetie

@JustonWestern 's #followfriday @ashleyzw @MattWestern @nojf @TulaneNews @voodooexp2009 NOLA fun next weekend! #jazzfest
5:52 AM Apr 24th from Tweetie

RT @Pogue 13 yr old downloads 1 billionth iPhone app. Wins $10K gift card, laptop, iPod, Time Capsule, & universal envy.
10:40 AM Apr 24th from Tweetie

Just had a Which Wich sandwich over at the new location here in The Woodlands; super busy, but great food!
1:06 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie

Listening to the #JazzFest broadcast on; can't wait to be there next Sat & Sun!
1:14 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie

InfoSec exam in AM; uninterrupted work @ office; lunch out @ Which Wich, then iPhone dev proj outline in PM; lots-o-ground to cover Sat/Sun.
11:24 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie

Just wanted to make another plug for @nojf; it's an aggregator acct that RT's any tweet w/JazzFest or #jazzfest in it; interesting to watch!
11:27 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie

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