Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-04-12 To 2009-04-17

Great Sat; up early for Crescent City Classic, drinks in City Park post-race, then crawfish & Abita @ Bulldog on Magazine with Freddie/Kadee
7:46 AM Apr 12th from Tweetie

Stuck in traffic on I-10 West around exit 810. These 2 hr delays really put a damper on otherwise pleasant travel. :-/
6:56 PM Apr 12th from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW/Electronica Classic: JGriffin Live on WTUL New Orleans 2005; house makes me smile. :-)
10:56 PM Apr 12th from TweetDeck

Easter mass in NOLA @ St Louis Cathedral in AM; amazing champagne brunch @ Royal Sonesta on Bourbon St; then 6.5 hr drive back to TX in PM.
11:29 PM Apr 12th from TweetDeck

Standard Mon in '09: fixing what went wrong @ work over the weekend; overly ambitious evening agenda didn't reach 100%, but made progress.
10:18 PM Apr 13th from TweetDeck

Digging the new "Strictly Erick Morillo" album.
12:25 PM Apr 14th from TweetDeck

Eeesh, definitely not feeling this new Sharam "Get Wild" album. Makes me long for the days of their Yoshitoshi compilations & GU021 Moscow.
4:55 PM Apr 14th from TweetDeck

Another busy/late day @ the office; PM spent on class videos & research paper prep for Wed interview of Hewitt IS/IT guru; e-mails, then bed
11:41 PM Apr 14th from TweetDeck

@rgremill Gah, did Idol encroach upon Fringe again? I had to watch the last 10 mins on last wk since my TiVo recorded as scheduled.
11:43 PM Apr 14th from TweetDeck in reply to rgremill

Kaskade's albums were much better when he was w/Om Records instead of Ultra; alas, his recent comps are forgettable trance-ish house mixes.
11:51 PM Apr 14th from TweetDeck

@dudesy916 What's wrong, man?
12:26 PM Apr 15th from Tweetie in reply to dudesy916

Got a pre-release copy of the GV Mobile iPhone app for Google Voice today from the app's developer; very slick!
3:41 PM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

Longest day @ office since last fall; evening spent transcribing InfoSec Interview recording + sorting articles for research
10:24 PM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

Deep thoughts by Puggles:
11:37 PM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

Lots-o-calls @ work today, nearly all superfluous; broke away for lunch @ Goose's Acre; spent all of PM working on Info Sec research paper.
11:25 PM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

JustonWestern #followfriday @PugglesTXRanger @shayman @DJJohnDigweed @googlevoice @NOLABrewingCo ; a nice smattering of my interests. :-)
12:11 AM Apr 17th from TweetDeck

@shayman Good luck w/the iPhone Under The Hood demo @ Auburn; I'm a current MBA student there, but caught your demo @ U of Houston on 4/1.
12:16 AM Apr 17th from web in reply to shayman

@laurenramsey Pretty slick!
8:43 AM Apr 17th from Tweetie in reply to laurenramsey

The new Wynton Marsalis "He & She" album is providing a proper soundtrack to this rainy Friday in The Woodlands.
2:31 PM Apr 17th from TweetDeck

Took a break to order my birthday present: I've been eyeing it since Feb, & it released just in time for Jazz Fest
4:05 PM Apr 17th from TweetDeck

Short day @ the office; spent the afternoon on school stuff, mostly on an Info Sec research paper; also tweaked prefs in Nambu & added grps.
11:05 PM Apr 17th from Nambu

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