Monday, April 13, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-04-05 To 2009-04-10

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Roger Sanchez's 2004 set from Club Queen Paris.
4:59 pm April 5 from TweetDeck

Following @CCC10k ; getting pumped for Saturday!
8:04 pm April 5 from TweetDeck

@pineoaks If they were truly sent to you, but not a direct msg, you can view your msgs here:
8:56 pm April 5 from TweetDeck in reply to pineoaks

A rather cerebral Sun; class vids, both Auburn & Stanford; paper prep, proj proposals, work e-mails, then iPhone SDK practice programs.
11:02 pm April 5 from TweetDeck

@laurenramsey Best free: TwitterFon; Best Paid: Tweetie
1:00 pm April 6 from TweetDeck in reply to laurenramsey

@zorak303 I'll remind you of this Tweet in 4 yrs when you're using 300GB just to store the recording of the 2013 Iron Bowl in Super HD+++.
10:18 pm April 6 from Tweetie in reply to zorak303

Tough day @ work w/my schedule/priorties dictated by others...a pet peeve; reclaimed PM w/House, iPhone dev reading, & RSS in Puggles' room.
10:25 PM Apr 6th from Tweetie

I still get more comments/views of this video than any other I've ever uploaded to YouTube. It's kind of creepy.
11:16 PM Apr 7th from TweetDeck

Another comically hosed day @ work...sheesh; hit the books hard in PM w/2 class vids, project planning, & paper writing; must get thru Apr!
11:58 PM Apr 7th from TweetDeck

Bad: hairstylist having nervous brkdown midhaircut/walking out in tears w/out saying a word; incidentally, my hair is its shortest in 10 yrs
9:19 PM Apr 8th from TweetDeck

Great Twitter clients hitting this week; loving the new TweetDeck update, but Nambu's got Mac-like polish & native feel; think I'll run both
10:50 PM Apr 8th from TweetDeck

Started out day w/workout & iPhone Dev vid; hit Arby's @ lunch w/coworkers for an eating competition; PM spent prepping for Thur NOLA Trip.
11:45 PM Apr 8th from TweetDeck

Following @PugglesTXRanger ; it was only a matter of time before he leveraged his iBone & iPaw towards Twitter:
12:18 AM Apr 9th from TweetDeck

Busy day @ work trying to get everything in order prior to long weekend; trip from Woodlands to BR took 7 hrs due to a burning car on I-45.
11:28 PM Apr 9th from TweetDeck

BBQ Shrimp Poboy = WIN.
12:11 PM Apr 10th from Tweetie

NOLA people: Ash & I will be @ the Bulldog on Magazine 12ish tomorrow after Crescent City Classic. Join us for a beer if you'll be in town.
2:57 PM Apr 10th from TweetDeck

Woke up w/pink eye; what am I, 7? Day got better w/NOLA fun, CCC packet pickup, & lunch @ Red Fish Grill on Bourbon; now an early night.
8:01 PM Apr 10th from Tweetie

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