Monday, May 04, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 013: Smokin' Jo's 2003 Essential Mix

Another feel good set this week, as I'm still on vacation in Louisiana celebrating my 27th birthday. I had this Essential Mix burned to an MP3 CD and it stayed in my Jetta's CD player for months back in 2003 & 2004. It's got groovy house tunes (as you'll see from the track list below), a few harder tunes towards the end, and stays upbeat throughout.

This will be a keeper for you as the summer months kick into full swing. It was an old standby set when Ashley & I used to cruise around in her Beetle convertible & head to the beach in Delaware. Enjoy!

Smokin' Jo - Essential Mix 2003-09-21
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Inland Knights - Right Now
Lisa Stansfield - Hold On [Accapella]
Locodice - Phat Dope Shit
Inland Knights - Wait A While
Switch - Get Yer Dub On
Boinic Bump Band - Beastie
Hughes - Idiot Box
Locodice - City Lights
Jon Carter - Closer to God (Tim Sheridian Mix)
Delgardo - Coffee Beats Vol 2
Ronnie Ganaoa ft Stephane K - Cant Get Enough Of Your Love (Jako Ibiza Mix)
Unknown - Unknown
Ciarmen - Work It
4 Tune 500 - Dancing In The Dark
Sandy Rivera - Dreams
Gordan Edge - Body Free
Ross Couch - In The Night
Wackside feat Chic - Freak Out
Maracia - Shake It [Mutiny Remix]
Superchumbo - This Beat Is
Julius Papp - Drum De Voodoo
Mansonic Noodles - Gonna Get You
Audio Bullys - Way Too Long (Switch Remix)
50 Cent - In Da Club (Radio Slave Edit)

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