Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-05-04 To 2009-05-10

Had great 27th b-day in NOLA! Saw Allen Toussaint, Ellis Marsalis & Buddy Guy @ #JazzFest day 2...wow; + I found absinthe in Pirates Alley!
8:45 AM May 4th from TweetDeck

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Smokin' Jo's 2003 Essential Mix; solid house tunes for summer! http://tinyurl.com/dxh6bx
12:25 PM May 4th from TweetDeck

Spent day recovering from Jazz Fest & catching up on digital pursuits like sorting the pics & videos from the weekend; Mexican dinner in PM.
10:29 PM May 4th from Tweetie

Wow, today marks the 5 year anniversary of when I first registered for Facebook, back when it was Thefacebook.com & only open @ 15 schools.
8:48 AM May 5th from Tweetie

Recap of birthday/Jazz Fest weekend in NOLA complete with pics & vids...I love New Orleans: http://tinyurl.com/cmgkub
9:16 AM May 5th from TweetDeck

Awesome, just got confirmation I made an A on my iPhone app proposal project & therefore an A overall in Systems Analysis & Design.
9:28 AM May 5th from TweetDeck

Spent day studying for tomorrow's Info Sec final while Ash drove us to TX; Guadalajara takeout for Cinco De Mayo; now more study then bed.
8:51 PM May 5th from Tweetie

Just built my first presentation in Keynote instead of PowerPoint; figured if I actually ponied up for the iWork Suite, might as well use it
4:03 PM May 6th from Tweetie

@darainwa It's certainly more polished & elegant! Looking forward to actually using it w/Keynote Remote during a presentation.
7:28 PM May 6th from Tweetie in reply to darainwa

Up @ 5AM to finish studying for 8AM InfoSec Final; used last day off to complete creation/recording of InfoSec pres; 2 classes down, 1 to go
10:22 PM May 6th from Tweetie

1st day back @ work in a wk; took a day off school wk in PM, read up more on Absinthe, & put together playlist for tomorrow's Crawfish Boil.
11:02 PM May 7th from Tweetie

Wacky Fri & Sat after Crawfish Boil shenanigans; caught up on some TiVo & DVDs, though; waiting for Comcast appt now, then Star Trek w/Ash.
3:11 PM May 10th from Tweetie

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