Monday, May 04, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-04-25 To 2009-05-02

Reason # 127 to love @googlevoice : responding to txts from a full-size keyboard is 100x faster than pecking out a response via your phone.
7:51 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Wow, CD 1 of the new Pacha Classics album is like house music bliss; making my school project feel like less work & more party. Good times.
8:19 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Entire day spent on iPhone school proj; confession: this might be the most fun I've had on a school-required proj ever; plus this might = $!
10:57 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Sasha's NYE 1999 Mix at Ally Pally; the heyday for trance tunes!
10:27 AM Apr 26th from TweetDeck

@brianthiggins It's illustrating the SDLC applied towards the creation of an iPhone app about NOLA. :-)
12:03 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to brianthiggins

Awesome, check out this Trombone Shorty vs Wynton Marsalis video from Fri night @ HOB NOLA:
12:18 PM Apr 26th from TweetDeck

@dudesy916 Wow, I've never even seen a torrent that large, much less attempted to download one; 14 hrs for 39GB is crazy fast!
1:03 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to dudesy916

@msheets That's awesome!
3:50 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie in reply to msheets

Singularly focused on iPhone paper today; knocked out 12 pages worth of analysis/description + diagrams; need to wrap up tomorrow night.
11:37 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie

Snap, I just worked 9 solid hrs @ work, followed by the most intense 6 hrs of paper writing I've ever attempted; my brain is zapped. Eeesh.
1:13 AM Apr 28th from Tweetie

Branford Marsalis tunes on a rainy day are helping this sleep-deprived individual feel human again. :-)
11:41 AM Apr 28th from Tweetie

Drained day due to 3 hrs of sleep last night; managed to still get stuff done @ work, then made minor progress on my Info Sec slides; in PM.
10:10 PM Apr 28th from TweetDeck

On the cusp of being caught up @ work for 1st time in '09; mall trip in PM for Jazz Fest prep w/new clothes + haircut; so stoked for weekend
9:47 PM Apr 29th from Tweetie

Last time slot @ #JazzFest on Sat is tough! Miles Davis Kind of Blue tribute vs Bon Jovi vs O'Jays; too bad set lists aren't preannounced ;)
10:09 PM Apr 29th from Tweetie

@khurst421 Much better! This time my hair stylist actually got finished with my sideburns before I sent her into a sudden fit of sobbing. ;)
10:13 PM Apr 29th from TweetDeck in reply to khurst421

Here are my cube picks for #JazzFest on Sat & Sun; great music & then Emeril's NOLA on Sat night. (PDF Link)
8:46 AM Apr 30th from TweetDeck

Listening to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" album again after reading this article: Can't wait for #JazzFest tribute
10:28 AM Apr 30th from TweetDeck

Listening to the #JazzFest broadcast at work via
12:33 PM Apr 30th from Tweetie

Headed to LA tomorrow, so spent evening packing, getting the car cleaned up, & prepping my gadgets for the weekend+ of fun ahead #JazzFest
10:41 PM Apr 30th from Tweetie

Made it to LA for #JazzFest; stopped by Tanger charity walk for etouffee & catfish; finished PM w/drive-thru daiquris; Fairgrounds in AM! :)
9:36 PM May 1st from Tweetie

@saralytle Congrats Sara!
7:11 AM May 2nd from Tweetie in reply to saralytle

Made it onto the Shell surrey; next stop Fairgrounds!
10:24 AM May 2nd from Tweetie

Had an awesome day out @ #JazzFest; headed to Emeril's NOLA for dinner, then bar hopping in the Quarter w/Ash, Freddie, & Kadee.
8:44 PM May 2nd from Tweetie

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