Monday, March 02, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 004: Orbital's 2004 Brixton Academy Show

This was Orbital's last indoor performance before they retired in 2004. If ever there was an act that really defines "electronica" in my mind, it's Orbital. This particular performance spans most of their career with work from their Green album to their Blue album.

I really regret that I never got to see these guys perform live. I've heard rumors they'll have a few US tour dates as part of their 20th anniversary reunion tour, so I'm holding out hope they get a little closer than the UK, NYC, or California.

Orbital - Live at Brixton Academy 2004-06-24

01 - You Lot
02 - Satan
03 - One Perfect Sunrise
04 - Impact (The Earth Is Burning)
05 - Doctor Who
06 - Chime

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Clemente said...

Great set, this and the performance they did on John Peel's show for Radio1 are really great sets. I think if I could afford it this year I'd make the trip to the UK to catch them, and if they do ANY US shows I will make the trek.