Sunday, March 08, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 005: Sven Vath's 1997 Essential Mix

This week's set is my favorite actual "techno" mix of all time. I know the word techno gets tossed around as kind of the umbrella term for electronic music (whereas I prefer "electronica" to encompass it all), so this is actually the mix I use to showcase what true techno sounds like.

Originally broadcast in 1997, I first heard it in 2003 when Radio 1 rebroadcast it as part of their Love Parade Weekend. The first 20 minutes or so of this mix are especially good. Just delightfully synthetic, artificial, and seemingly mathematical. I still cue it up when I need to engage in heavy mental Stats homework.

Sven Vath - Essential Mix 2003-07-13

Carl Craig - "Alien Talk"
Robert Hood - "The Grey Area"
Soylent Green - "Soylent Green"
M Mayer - "One"
Metro Juice - "M Juice"
Cloude Young - "Prance"
Acter Ego - "Folk Song"
Acid Jesus - "Wierstate"
Acid Ego - "Absolute"
Foundation - "Running"
Blackman/Redrun - "Trick"
Adam Beyer - "Tasty Bits"
Move D - "800 Trak"
Metro Juice - "M.Juice Bi"
Heiko Laux - "H.L"
Luke Slater - "Signal"
EOU - "Phaze Test"
Sikora Eigeuhelm - "Haus"
Acid Jesus - "B2"
Flexitone - "Mausicaa"
Planet Jazz - "Monster"
Cold - "Strobe Light Remixes"

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