Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-03-15 To 2009-03-23

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Pendulum's 2005 Essential Mix; relentless drum & bass!
10:11 AM Mar 15th from web

Vote for your favorite southern brewery; pulling for Abita & St Arnold's:
3:34 PM Mar 15th from web

Most of day spent in digital pursuits w/music downloading/tagging & blogging, reading; watched "Bottle Shock" & brewing documentary in PM.
8:29 PM Mar 15th from Tweetie

@googlevoice Awesome! My GC name is JustonWestern if you can squeeze me into this wave.
3:01 PM Mar 16th from Tweetie in reply to googlevoice

Decent Mon; made progress on testing projects @ work; shopping run in PM for new headphones & Tour De Houston equipment, then 5 mile run.
9:55 PM Mar 16th from web

Looking forward to tomorrow's iPhone OS 3.0 announcements @ lunch; also hoping I can FINALLY get my MacBook Pro back after a wk in the shop.
10:21 PM Mar 16th from web

Still no luck with having my Grand Central account switched over to Google Voice. Hoping to get the green light this week.
6:37 AM Mar 17th from web

8:16 PM Mar 17th from twitterrific in reply to RyanDurham

Happy St Patricks Day! Back on my Mac, stoked about iPhone 3.0, and spending the evening video editing for work w/some Guinness inspiration
8:17 PM Mar 17th from twitterrific

@dudesy916 Abita Strawberry or Purple Haze?
12:08 AM Mar 18th from twitterrific in reply to dudesy916

Just finished my video project for the evening; the 5 hr investment yielded a pretty good product; I'll post the YouTube link soon.
12:09 AM Mar 18th from twitterrific

Got to screen my video @ work today; home in PM for TiVo'd House, then watched the iPhone 3.0 keynote...unreal; also setup Nike+ WatchRemote
10:56 PM Mar 18th from TweetDeck

Yes! Just got upgraded to Google Voice! Thanks @googlevoice!
2:07 PM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

@dudesy916 Enjoy!
2:40 PM Mar 19th from TweetDeck in reply to dudesy916

Early trip to Apple Store to have AirPort on MBP fixed; fun lunch @ work w/Pizza Hut/BW3 takeout; 6 mile run in PM, then Google Voice tests
10:53 PM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Today's big JW/Technology moments: switching over full-time to TweetDeck (on the laptop) & taking the plunge into Google Voice. Both = win!
11:06 PM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Big weekend plans; Pete Tong + Deadmau5 show tonight downtown; Tour De Houston 20 mile bike race Sun morning, then Pendulum @ HOB Sun PM.
8:05 AM Mar 20th from TweetDeck

Just got done w/a 3 mi bike ride w/ @dudesy916 in prep for Sun's Tour De Houston; shower, then headed downtown for Pete Tong/Deadmau5 show.
7:35 PM Mar 20th from TweetDeck

Fri spent catching up @ work; 3 mile ride w/Evan in PM, then met Brian/Claude for drinks @ Poison Girl before Pete Tong & Deadmau5 show.
7:55 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

Tired morning after 2 hrs of sleep; took PTR to vet @ 8AM, downtown for Tour De Houston packet pickup, midday nap, then NCAA Tourney in PM.
8:21 PM Mar 21st from Tweetie

Tour De Houston was awesome. Thanks again to @dudesy916 for the bike & ride downtown. I'll definitely have to do the race again next year.
12:55 PM Mar 22nd from TweetDeck

A really drained Mon after staying out until 1AM last night for the Pendulum show @ the HOB; still managed to knock out a few things @ work.
7:49 PM Mar 23rd from TweetDeck

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