Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-03-24 To 2009-03-28

Posted this week's JW/Electronica Classic: Junior Jack & Kid Creme's 2004 Essential Mix; summertime house grooves.
10:50 PM Mar 24th from TweetDeck

Man, Tuesdays are ALWAYS my most productive day of the wk; got tons done w/work/school/life today; haircut @ lunch + caught up on new music.
11:40 PM Mar 24th from TweetDeck

RT @google: Love video games? iGoogle now has themes from Mario, Mega Man, Guitar Hero and more.
10:40 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

Library run early in day; blazed thru some outstanding tasks @ work; spent early evening w/Puggles, then e-mail catchup/class reading in PM.
10:42 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

Flickr having problems w/their upload via e-mail (and to Blog) functionality; mine's been flaky for 24 hrs now:
11:27 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

I still find it novel when DJs play full sets from genres they're not known for; i.e., Matt Darey playing house & Paul Oakenfold drum & bass
11:30 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

Redownloading all of my Virtual Console games on the Wii now that you can store/run games off an SD card; hello 2GB of extra space!
7:14 PM Mar 26th from Tweetie

Decided to hop on the 200 Situps/100 Pushups workout iPhone apps today since it was too wet to run; hopeful I'll be as loyal as to Weightbot
10:49 PM Mar 26th from TweetDeck

@mintyone Your Seinfeld quotes make me smile. :-)
11:10 PM Mar 27th from TweetDeck in reply to mintyone

Busy day @ work, but a breakfast taco provided adequate fuel; 6 mile run in PM, then a dinner date w/Ash @ Pappadeaux for crawfish/oysters.
11:13 PM Mar 27th from TweetDeck

Out @ the Rockets vs Clippers game.
about 18 hours ago from Tweetie

Got my home office in order in AM; Rockets game w/Ash in PM, then drinks w/Brian & Claude at a wine bar just off Westheimer...good times!
about 14 hours ago from Tweetie

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