Sunday, March 15, 2009

JW / Electronica Classics 006: Pendulum's 2005 Essential Mix

It's funny how a certain song or album will hit you at just the right time to make you take notice. In this case, it was a two hour mix set.

I've never been a huge drum & bass fan, aside from a strong preference for most of LTJ Bukem's work.  However, in the fall of 2005, I happened to load this Essential Mix on my iPod before a road trip from Delaware to Alabama and was instantly hooked.

Perhaps the sincerest praise I can give this mix is that it practically kept a smile on my face throughout its entirety.  It's aggressive from the outset and never tapers off.  Some drum & bass mixes strike me as needlessly tedious, but this one comes off with an air of playful darkness.  It doesn't take itself too seriously and just hammers tune after tune without letting you come up to breathe.

The timing seemed right to include this as one of the classics, as these guys will be in Houston next Sunday for a show at the recently-opened House of Blues.  It will be my first time inside the venue.  I'm aware their style has evolved over the past 4 years into a slightly more mainstream sound, but listening to this 2005 mix again still has me pretty excited for the show.

Pendulum - Essential Mix 2005-09-18
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Pendulum 'Blood Sugar'
Pendulum 'The Program (ft. $pyda)'
Coldcut 'Qenist (Remix)'
Gridlok 'Hard As Fuck'
Muffler 'The Iron Tune'
Chase & Status 'The Druids'
TC ft. Jakes 'Deep'
Pendulum 'Vault VIP'
Tactile 'Posers'
Pendulum 'The Terminal (Essential Mix Version)'
Gridlok 'Fifth Dimension'
Shimon & Andy C 'Nightflight'
Mickey Finn 'Unknown'
Bcee & Lomax 'Can't Say No (Cyantific Remix)'
Billy Corgan 'The Camera Eye'
Baron 'At The Drive In'
Zinc & Jenna G 'Don't Bury'
Pendulum 'Plasticworld (Essential Mix Version)'
Fresh & Pendulum 'Babylon Rising'
Zinc 'Stepping Stones (Friction Remix)'
Future Prophecies 'Control The Beast'
Friction 'Let Loose (TC Remix)'
Hazard 'Use Your Brain'
State Of Mind 'Hold Down (Remix)'
DJ Vapour 'Jazzamatazz'
Noisia 'Brain Stitch'
The Prodigy 'Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)'
TC 'Robots'
Subfocus 'Citizen Kane'
Pendulum & Freestylers 'Fasten Your Seatbelt (1992 Edit)'
Christian J 'Alter Ego'
Frizz 'Fearless Funk (Enser Noisia Edit)'
Ragga Twins 'Ready For This'
Plump DJ's 'Bullet Train'
Freestylers & Pendulum 'Painkiller'
Roughcut Flex 'Nemesis'
Digital Nation 'Aisle 13'
Hochi & Infiltrata 'Hit 'Em Hard'
Mayhem & Evol Intent 'Broken Sword'
Chase & Status 'Duppy Man VIP'
Shy FX 'Feelings'
Pendulum 'Slam (Before The Tantrum Mix)'
Pendulum 'Slam (Essential Mix Version)'
ShockOne 'The Riddler'
Fresh 'The Immortal'
Pendulum 'Girl In The Fire (Essential Mix Version)'
Sin & Muffler 'Bad Bwoy Sound'
Ed Rush & Optical 'Flute'
DJ Hype 'Look To The Future (TC Remix)'
Psidream 'Cypher'
Unknown Error 'Struggle'
Baron 'Decade'
Pendulum 'Still Grey'
Tactile 'Changing Slowly'
Pendulum 'Hold Your Colour (Essential Mix Version)'

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