Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter Week In Review 2009-03-08 To 2009-03-14

@bjmitts We got 1 of those nastygrams from the community assoc last Spring, too; they didn't like the extra A/C unit we had. TX is hot, man!
10:29 AM Mar 8th from twitterrific in reply to bjmitts

Posted this week's JW / Electronica Classic: Sven Vath's 1997 Essential Mix; the pinnacle of techno!
10:31 AM Mar 8th from twitterrific

@bjmitts Puggles doesn't really like the gunfire in movies, but I suspect he's a closet Matt Damon fan.
8:05 PM Mar 8th from TwitterFon in reply to bjmitts

Spent day studying for tomorrow's 8AM Info Sec midterm; also d/I'd 11GB of mixsets while reading, then washed the BMW in PM; now early bed.
8:16 PM Mar 8th from TwitterFon

Flummoxed by how often I'm out-computing my work desktop PC only to be further stifled by mainframe delays; what of my Mac? Solid as a rock!
4:03 PM Mar 9th from twitterrific

@bjmitts A definite jab @ my work PC; come visit me tomorrow around 1:30PM; like clockwork, that thing will go into full-on chug mode :-/
9:58 PM Mar 9th from twitterrific in reply to bjmitts

Up @ 3AM to finish studying; InfoSec exam @ 8AM; helped quell a mini-crisis @ work; home in PM for a 5 mile run, now studying for Wed's exam
10:00 PM Mar 9th from twitterrific

Naturally the day after I call my Mac "solid as a rock," I get a dreaded black screen when trying to wake it from sleep; hope Genius can fix
9:47 AM Mar 10th from TwitterFon

*sigh* It was the logic board that went bad on my MacBook Pro; now I'm going to be in limbo until Saturday. :-/
2:46 PM Mar 10th from TwitterFon

@mintyone That's actually pretty funny. ;-)
7:00 PM Mar 10th from web in reply to mintyone

Day marred early by my Mac's display going black; appt @ Apple Store revealed bad logic board; evening spent studying for tomorrow's midterm
9:35 PM Mar 10th from web

Just bought Tweetie from App Store. Like how it has Trends & Search built-in since I've started using those more. Similar U/I to TwitterFon.
5:58 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie

@zorak303 I could really go for all 3 of those things right now. :-) Hitting up Parasol's on Tuesday?
6:08 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie in reply to zorak303

@csukach They'll just be retro chic!
6:12 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie in reply to csukach

@pineoaks Jon loves him some Hollywood Joe!
6:14 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie in reply to pineoaks

YES! Apple Store just called & my repaired MacBook Pro is ready now instead of Saturday; en route to mall now; hope all is back to normal.
6:50 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie

Dang, it looks like the power board on my Mac was also bad; in for at least another night at the Apple Store. :-/
7:48 PM Mar 11th from Tweetie

Up in the 3AM hr again for midterm studying; took exam @ 8AM, had calmer day @ work allowing for task catchup, then a Mac false alarm in PM
10:05 PM Mar 11th from web

Dropping from 2 concurrent computers to 1 @ work/home this week is kind of like using your weak hand to use a mouse; it works, but it's slow
7:06 AM Mar 12th from web

Wow, it is REALLY cold & wet outside today.
11:33 AM Mar 12th from Tweetie

Headed out to Blue Water Cafe on 2920 for crawfish & beer with Ash & some coworkers.
5:16 PM Mar 12th from Tweetie

Good Thur; in to work early, knocked out some projects, home for lunch to let out Puggles, then out for crawfish & drinks post-work.
6:46 AM Mar 13th from web

Worst tech day ever; Mac won't be fixed till Tue, AT&T signal keeps dropping out & Google Docs won't load on my work PC due to IE6 lameness
11:50 AM Mar 13th from Tweetie

Following @googlevoice. Can't wait to have my GrandCentral account switched over. Hoping to test out the new service this weekend!
9:27 AM Mar 14th from web

Mellow Sat after late Fri dinner w/friends; brunch @ home w/Ash & Lentzs, then a 3 hr nap; PM spent w/Mexican takeout & Welcome To Mac DVD.
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