Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music Monday - Electronica Classics Recorded In New Orleans


Since yesterday's Katrina Retrospective post deviated from my traditional Set Sunday series, I'm reappropriating this week's Music Monday post with a hand-picked selection of four electronica performances recorded in New Orleans over the past 15 years.

The first two are drum & bass mixes from events I had the pleasure of attending at the State Palace Theatre.  Shy FX performed at "Caffeine Mean Joe Greene" in August of 2001, and Ed Rush & Optical performed at "Zoolu 8" during Mardi Gras 2002.

The final two mixes represent the oldest and newest recordings I have of electronica events in New Orleans.  One is a recording of legendary electronica duo Orbital's performance at the French Quarter House of Blues during November of 1996.  While it's only encoded at 96kbps, the 1.5 hour recording is still quite listenable, and a personal favorite in my collection.  The final mix is a pristine recording at 320kbps from Mark Farina during his performance at the Moloko Lounge last fall.

As the world waxes nostalgic about the Crescent City this week, take these sets as examples of what made New Orleans special for me.

Shy FX - Live at Caffeine Mean Joe Greene, New Orleans 2001-08-04

Ed Rush & Optical - Live at Zoolu 8 New Orleans 2002-02-09

Orbital - Live at House of Blues New Orleans 1996-11-28

Mark Farina - Live at Moloko Lounge New Orleans 2009-09-26 (Right Click, Save As)

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