Sunday, August 22, 2010

Set Sunday - Desyn Masiello at SOS Cruise Party NYC 2008

I ran across this set on MercuryServer only a couple of weeks after it was recorded aboard the Queen of Hearts cruise ship that sails around Manhattan.  If you can imagine the perfect mixture of mellow house music to accompany a sunset behind the New York City skyline, it would be this 2.5 hour compilation of tunes.

The production outfit of SOS consists of Demi, Omid 16B, and Desyn Masiello.  While all 3 individuals played during that evening in August 2008, this mix is Mr. Masiello's contribution to the party.  I had this recording in heavy rotation during the fall of 2008, finding it was just minimal enough to make a good study mix.  Enjoy.

Desyn Masiello - Live on SOS Cruise Party NYC 2008-08-02
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01. Mr. Haywood Presents Goloka - Thinking About You (Islas Baleares Mix)
02. Alexander Koning - Basic Melody (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
03. Weekender - Route 1
04. Slyde - Frequency (Miles Dyson Remix) [Dub Edit]
05. Luca & Paul - Dinamicro (Karotte By Gregor Tresher Remix)
06. Wudwerd - Bocas del toros (Wudwerd Bros Main Mix)
07. ID
08. Subotic - I'm sure
09. Komytea - Professional Killers
10. Yves Murasca - Saxophobic Satisfaction (Christian Hornbostel Harpo Dub Mix)
11. ID
12. Sebastian Davidson & Nick Orisun - Natural (Cosmic Belt Vocal Mix)
13. More Or Less - Breeze
14. Toni Rios - Second Hand
15. Booka Shade - Charlotte (Remix)
16. Rodney Hunter - Huntermatic (Dub Edit)
17. Three Minutes, Mark Murphy - Secret (Dublex Inc. Remix)
18. ID
19. Michael Cassette - Winter
20. Kiki & Lisa Evans - Bipolaire
21. Juergens - Love It
22. Tocadisco - Morumbi (Original Mix)
23. Alex Tepper - Grains (TG Mix)
24. Agaric - It's Hot [Luxaflex Holland]
25. Madonna - Vogue (Edit)
26. Kenny "Jammin" Jason - Can U Dance
27. Telespazio - Telemetric (Arto Mwambes Guitar Down Mix)

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