Sunday, August 29, 2010

Software Saturday - Simplenote

Recently I began writing more frequently on my blog, to the tune of at least one post per day.  I write best when I can first outline the structure of my story, and the inspiration for that post might strike at any point throughout the day.  That frequently includes a time when I'm not in front my laptop, so I sought out an app for capturing and outlining my thoughts that could run across my iPhone, iPad, & MacBook Pro.  Simplenote was the app I ultimately chose.

What most attracted me to Simplenote was its automatic syncing between instances of the app. That meant if I typed a few notes on my Simplenote iPhone app, those notes automatically appeared on the web version, the iPad app, and the third-party OS X Simplenote desktop client, Notational Velocity.

The app is decidedly no-frills, so you won't find a rich text editing environment like Microsoft Word or even Google Docs.  Think of it more as a cloud-enabled version of the venerable Notepad.  The stripped-down nature of Simplenote was part of its appeal to me, though.  It does one thing and does it well, without other bells & whistles as potential distractions.

You can sign up for a Simplenote account and find links to the iPhone/iPad app at the address below.

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