Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tech Tuesday - Google Reader As Window To The World

Google Reader is a web-based RSS reader.  For the uninitiated, RSS feeds allow websites to pipe their content to dedicated software (RSS readers) so that users can have content from all of their favorite websites in a single location.  This means instead of going to my frequently visited websites one-by-one each morning, I simply launch Google Reader and view all the blog postings in a multi-paned browser window.

While I love most of Google's products, Reader may perhaps be my favorite.  It's like my own personal newspaper, and the first thing I head towards in the morning.  I can access it on my iPhone, my iPad, my MacBook Pro, or on a computer in an Internet cafe.  Beginning in the middle of 2007, this became my primary method of consuming information.  It made the information I care about always quickly available.

Since that time, I've amassed a decent collection of feed subscriptions.  If you're interested in what I'm currently following, or would like to jump start your own Google Reader account, you can easily view & subscribe via my bundles linked below.

Apple News
Daily Comics
Google News
New Orleans
Web 2.0

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