Saturday, August 14, 2010

Software Saturday: Groceries

This week's selection is an app I use nearly every day.  Groceries, as the name implies, allows you to organize your grocery list on your iOS device.

Prior to purchasing this app, my wife & I usually kept a Post It notepad in our kitchen and would add items to it throughout the week as we'd run out of products around the house.  It was a decidedly low-tech solution, but mostly met our needs.  The problem arose when we wanted to add an item to the list when we weren't nearby, or when we decided to run to the grocery store but didn't have the list with us in the car.

Groceries addresses both of those issues.  Since I always have my phone with me, I can add items on the fly, regardless of my current location.  Further, if my wife decides she'll run to the store instead of me, I can e-mail the list from my phone to her phone.

The application comes preloaded with thousands of brands of items, ranging from Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce to Snuggle Original Scent dryer sheets.  If an item doesn't already exist in the app's database, you can add new ones as needed.  Items can be marked as favorites if you frequently purchase the same ones.  This allows you to quickly add those items to your new grocery list.  The products on your list are organized by the grocery store aisle most likely to contain the item.  I've found this really speeds up my shopping process since I'm not continuously scanning the entire list looking for which items might be in my current aisle.

Earlier this week, Groceries updated to a new version with support for the iPhone 4's high resolution Retina Display and fast app switching.  The design of the app was gorgeous before, but it really pops off the screen in the new version.

You can read more about the app and find the download link at the developer's website below:

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