Saturday, September 11, 2010

1,000th Post - The JW Go Bag


To commemorate the 1,000th post on the JW/Blog, I wanted to put together my own Go Bag summary, the likes of which were shown in this Lifehacker post three years ago.  After going through the many illustrations in that post during the Fall of 2007, I conceived my own Go Bag setup, which I eventually constructed in January of 2008.

The items in my bag have evolved over the past three years, but what you see in these series of images is what I leave the house with today.  Only a fraction of the items in my bag are used on any given day, but every item has been used multiple times over the years.  It makes traveling nice, too, because most of the gadgets, chargers, or personal items I'd need to bring are already packed.  I just have to worry about clothes & toiletries when it's time for a trip.

After researching various bags online, the one I ultimately purchased was the booq Python XL, which came bundled with a zippered MacBook Pro sleeve and accessory case which fit the iPhone.  Aside from the aesthetics of the bag, the amazing amount of storage compartments inside really sold me on this particular backpack.  It's stood up to three years of daily use, and I'm still pleased with my decision.

Underneath the images shown below you will find a legend for each of the items in the photographs.  I've included links to more information about an item if I could find an appropriate site online.  The 50 item legend is also included in the photo description of each numbered image when you click through to Flickr, so you don't have to strain your eyes on the thumbnails below or continue to toggle back & forth between Blogger and Flickr.

Seeing what other people pack in their bags always gives me ideas, so hopefully this post will inspire others, too.

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 1

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 3

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 5

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 2

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 4

Go Bag Overview - Numbered View 6






1 - booq Vyper M3 Zippered 15" MacBook Pro Case
2 - Skullcandy Black Hesh Headphones
3 - Cheap Wal-Mart Umbrella
4 - 15" MacBook Pro Early 2008
5 - Google Nalgene Water Bottle
6 - Xantrex Xpower DC/AC Converter
7 - Lint Roller
8 - Apple Magic Mouse
9 - MacBook Pro AC Adapter
10 - Canon SD 970IS Digital Camera in Case Logic Ultra Compact Camera Case
11 - Canon Digital Camera Battery Charger
12 - Bounty Paper Towels in a Ziploc Bag
13 - Tape Measure
14 - Nail Clippers
15 - Tweezers
16 - ChapStick
17 - Individually Wrapped Toothpicks
18 - Sprint Overdrive 4G Wireless Hotspot in Case Logic Portable Harddrive Case
19 - CAT-6e Cable
20 - Wet Ones
21 - Band-Aids
22 - Glasses Repair Kit
23 - Stamps
24 - Glasses Lens Cleaning Cloth
25 - Ricola Cough Drops
26 - Pens/Pencils
27 - Sharpies/Highlighters
28 - Pocket Solutions AA-Powered iPhone Charger
29 - Apple DVI to VGA MacBook Pro Adapter
30 - SD Cards
31 - 3 AA Batteries
32 - SD to USB Adapter
33 - SD/XD/Compact Flash Memory Card USB Reader
34 - Case Logic MP3 Player Zippered Cases
35 - 2 x 2GB Thumb Drives, 1 x 4GB Thumb Drive
36 - Scissors
37 - Pogo Sketch iPad Stylus
38 - Rolodex Business Card Holder
39 - iPhone 3G
40 - BudFits Behind-the-Ear Earbud Holders
41 - Square Credit Card Reader
42 - Apple Remote for MacBook Pro
43 - Sony Headphones
44 - iPhone/iPod Sync Cable
45 - M/M Mini-Stereo Cable
46 - iPhone Wall Charger
47 - Church Key Bottle Opener & Corkscrew
48 - Post-It Notepad
49 - 4 Pack of AA Batteries
50 - iPhone 4 Earbud/Microphone Combo

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