Sunday, September 05, 2010

Set Sunday - Danny Tenaglia Live in Gallipoli Italy 2006

It may be all the Sopranos episodes I've been watching over this Labor Day weekend, but as I poked around my iTunes library this morning, this 8 hour Tenaglia set recorded in Italy four years ago seemed like a proper selection for this week's Set Sunday installment.

Danny Tenaglia recordings are notoriously difficult to find online, thanks in large part to the DJ asking that links to his sets not be posted on electronica discussion forums, such as Mercury Server.  Despite his seemingly "non-fan-centric" approach to music sharing, the man is an excellent performer and has long been a favorite DJ of mine.

Over the past decade, I've had the pleasure of seeing Danny Tenaglia perform live on three occasions, all in Manhattan.  The first was at club Arc in December of 2002.  It was only a few days before Christmas, and Mr. Tenaglia spent the first hour just playing his "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?" album on the club's sound system as he donned a Santa hat and ran around the dance floor with a giant inflatable candy cane.  The next time was in March of 2006 at Crobar.  Hearing him play on that venue's mind-blowing sound system was a spiritual experience.  The final time was in June of 2007 at Pacha, which I chronicled in this blog post from 2008.

The 8 hour Gallipoli set below is broken into 6 parts, each an hour and 20 minutes long.  Recording quality is quite good at 320 kbps, although perhaps a bit skewed towards the treble sounds.  Mr. Tenaglia even gives a hat tip to New York City towards the end with the inclusion of a Frank Sinatra track.  Load this up on your iPod and then just plow through your work day next week.

Danny Tenaglia - Live at Quartiere Latino Gallipoli 2006-08-15

Part 1 Megaupload Download Link
Part 2 Megaupload Download Link
Part 3 Megaupload Download Link
Part 4 Megaupload Download Link
Part 5 Megaupload Download Link
Part 6 Megaupload Download Link

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