Saturday, September 04, 2010

#FF Twitter Recommendations - iPhone Developers

This week's Follow Friday entry spotlights the Twitter accounts of several notable iPhone developers from the Houston area and beyond.

Joao Prado Maia - Founder of Houston iPhone Developers Meetup - @joaopmaia

Michael Gile - iPhone developer at FuzzyLuke - @mgile

Nathan Eror - iPhone developer for Free Time Studios@neror

Ben Scheirman - Director of Development at ChaiONE@subdigital

Andre Navarro - Lead Developer at Social Mobility@ecito

Steve Hayman - Apple developer who gives "iPhone Under The Hood" presentations - @shayman

Loren Brichter - iPhone developer for Twitter@atebits

Joe Hewitt - Former iPhone developer of Facebook app@joehewitt

Erica Sadun - iPhone developer & writer for TUAW@ericasadun

Sophia Teutschler - iPhone developer for Sophiestication@sophiestication

Sean Kovacs - iPhone developer behind Google Voice app GV Mobile@seankovacs

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