Saturday, September 18, 2010

#FF Twitter Recommendations - Real World New Orleans 2010

This week's Follow Friday entry spotlights the Twitter accounts of the cast of the 24th season of MTV's Real World, set in New Orleans.  The 3 month series wrapped up this week, so I wanted to give a hat tip to the cast.  While I have a soft spot in my heart for the cast of the 2000 season in New Orleans (since it coincided with my freshman year of college), I thought the 2010 season did an excellent job of showcasing the city.

If you missed the season, you can watch all 12 episodes on MTV's website here:

Jemmye Carroll - @JustJem24

Eric Patrick@Ericisfunny

Ryan Knight@KnightRW24

Sahar Dika@SaharDika24

Ryan Leslie@imRyanLeslie

Preston Charles@PrestoMagic24

Ashlee Feldman@AshleeFeldman

McKenzie Coburn@mckenziecoburn

MTV's Real World@RealWorldMTV

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