Thursday, September 09, 2010

Writing Wednesday - My Memory Map of New Orleans

I put this together over three years ago, but thought I would shake the dust off this week.  

Google Maps allows you to add place markers, routes, photos, and commentary to a map and then save the compilation to share with others.  I chose some of the most memorable spots & routes from my time spent living in New Orleans and gave insight as to why each is special to me.

It's tough to imagine there's another chunk of land on the planet that holds as much history about Juston Western as the snapshot shown above.  Eventually I intend to construct one from my time spent in Hawaii, Alabama, & Delaware, too.

The link below will bring you to the customized map.  From there you can click on the individual icons as shown on the map, or click on the location names in the left hand navigation pane.

Think of it as an interactive answer to the inquiry, "Tell me about yourself."

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